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Gary Johnson For President 2012, Part 3

I truly believe that one of the greatest issues we face, right now, and the one that is root cause of all of the others, is widespread apathy among Americans, propagated and strengthened by corporate media and sold out politicians. Day and night, we are being distracted by useless and baseless issues and things, and we are continuously being fed on a tranquilizer. This sleep and calming medicine makes us believe that the big guys are taking care of everything and we do not have to worry about anything. Unfortunately, in a nation, in which every individual was responsible for himself or herself, and the nation and country, as a whole, we have come to a point, where a very large proportion of our population is totally ill- and uninformed. It is not unusual to hear from a co-worker, relative, friend, neighbor or even stranger that he or she hates news and does not read any newspaper, news magazine or books. Most people, even if they get any news, it is from highly dramatized, TV news channels, which focus on commercial, rather then news value of the news. Result? We get a lot more of Paris Hilton and Britney Spears, then, much more important stuff like, country’s actual financial situation, civil liberties, consequences of wars, worsening crisis, government infringes on every day lives of people, etc.

A very large number of people strongly believe on extremely false notions like, “It is not my problem” or “It does not effect me”. These false notions are, also, deeply inserted into our heads by corporate media and sold out politicians. As a matter of fact, how can you even intend to believe that something done by our federal government, does not effect us or it is not our problem. If this is true then why we even complain about issues like economy, inflation, economic disparity, wars and waste, etc. The truth is that everything government does, directly effects us, whether it is the waste of our tax payer dollars, corporate bailouts or welfare, wars, printing money or even foreign policy. Actually, we are the ones who, as the tax payers, bear most of the burden of governments stupidities. If you think deep, these are not just our problems, these are the problems of our future generations, too. This is, because, a very large proportion of these burdens will be passed over to the next generations, to deal with the problems created by our generation, such as national debt and devalued dollar, for example.

These are the very obvious reasons, why, should we act and act, now. Not my problem is not the answer. We live in a Democratic society and everything related to national safety, security and survival is everyone’s problem.

Having said that, I must also mention that two party duopoly is the result of this “not my problem” notion, too. I am saying this, because, this “not my problem” thinking makes us take the democratic process of elections, way too easy. None of us want to research and find out the truths. Out of this laziness, we rely heavily on commercial media like TV and radio and we take, as it is, whatever limited, biased and censored information is provided to us, by these extremely untrustworthy media outlets. Let me give you just one example. In this Democratic society, where every citizen is supposed to have equal rights and access to every public office, the big media provide coverage to only two, so called, major political parties. If you solely rely on big media for news and information, then, most probably you do not even know that other political parties, also, exist in our country and many of those are participating in 2012 presidential elections. Out of those, Libertarian party candidate, Gary Johnson, former very distinguished governor of New Mexico, will be on ballot in all fifty states. But, have you heard anything about him on big media? If you are lucky, may be once or twice, and that is it. Unbelievable. A two term former governor of a state, who was two term limited by state constitution, who balanced the budget, who vetoed over 750 pieces of legislation, just to keep his election promises, who left office with very significant budget surplus, who did everything possible for statewide public schools voucher system and end drug prohibition, does not deserve any coverage time on national media, when he is running against the candidates of two major political parties, that have completely and totally failed, and that have converted the whole state of affairs in Washington, into a big mess, and still none of them seems to be serious about solving these critically important problems. Is this should be the role of media that literally generates hundreds of billions of dollars by showing us, American people, the advertisements and by charging us exorbitant amounts in fees?

To tell you the truth, big media has absolutely no interest in telling you the truth. All they care about is money, ratings and their corporate bosses. Under these circumstances, I guess, the notion of “not my problem” is of no help. None of these big media and big political leaders are going to help us. If we are serious about getting out of current mess, then, responsibility, solely lies on us, only. Everyone of us is responsible for ourselves, our nation and our country. I firmly believe that our only way out of this is in breaking the myth that no third party can ever beat the two major political parties. We must break the notion that election is going to be between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, only, as the big media is telling us. We must rise and make it clear that there are other eligible candidates, too, and I believe that Gary Johnson is far more eligible then Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. After all, the most important components, of any elections, in this country, are our votes, not the big media or major party politicians. A wise, well researched and well thought use of our votes, can totally change the game, being played in Washington.

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