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Gary Johnson For President 2012, Part 2

If you really, seriously and open mindedly think about it, the biggest national issue we have, as a country, is the two party duopoly on our political system. I mean, we have to chose between war mongers and welfare mongers. Both of them, keep spending exorbitant amounts of money on either defense and wars or welfare and entitlements. We are, now, in a situation where 43 cents of each dollar that we spend as a country and nation, comes either from borrowing from countries like China or deficit financing, commonly known as printing of worthless money, which is rapidly devaluing dollar, causing inflation, increasing the cost of living and doing business and putting an unbearable burden on our progressively bankrupting economy.

Unfortunately, none of the so called major parties seem to be serious about major issues like balancing federal budget, cut spending, fair taxation, drugs, marriage equality, Federal Reserve, etc. Whenever I give a serious look to this situation and think about it, I get only one answer. We must have more then one choices. We should not be forced to choose between a crook and a bigger crook. I would love to be in a situation, where I do not have to vote for a corporate agent and a puppet in the hands of corporate lobbies. I should be able to vote for someone who represents common people like you and me, and who would stand up for common sense policies, for the benefit of all of us, as a citizen, as a nation and as a country.

If you agree with me, then, you will have to look and find outside the circles of Democratic and Republican Parties. This is because, both of these parties have lost touch from reality. All they are interested in, is their own party and personal agendas and garnering more and more corporate and lobby money for their election campaigns.

When I look at the contemporary political landscape in our country, in spite of all this depressing stuff going on all around us, I am not disappointed. Because, Libertarian Party, it’s presidential candidates, Former governor of New Mexico, Gary Johnson and Ron Paul, standing up for personal liberties, constitution and common sense policies, are a breeze of fresh air, for me, and all of us, as a whole, in our political arena, now-a-days.

I see all around me, people getting worried about, what is going to happen to Social Security, Medicare, our economy, and our country and nation, as a whole. The answer is, mathematically, statistically and reasonably speaking, we will have none of this, if we do not act, right now. Take example of Social Security and Medicare. What will you choose? No Social Security and Medicare at all or a reformed Social Security and Medicare, that stay there, for us, forever. Ones, that we can afford and maintain. Of course, every sane person is going to say having a reformed Social Security and Medicare, which stay there, forever, with us, and which we can afford and maintain, are far better then not having them at all. Something is better then nothing. So, my friends, wake up. Get out of the fantastic world, the two major parties are keeping us in. You can deny the facts out of your fantasies, being fed to you by big media, under the influence of their corporate sponsors and advertisers, but, you cannot deny, Math, Stats and reason. Mathematically, statistically and reasonably, Social Security, Medicare and most of our federal, state, county and city programs, and even most our governments at every level, are not too far from going bankrupt. We are going to the same path as Greece, Italy, Spain and other European economies.

Remember, when we talk about these major European economies, we are not talking about small, poor and developing countries. When we talk about these countries, we talk about big, rich and well developed, fully industrialized, leading economies. If these economies can go under water, although we are the biggest and richest, these economies were big, too. If they can be in crisis, we could, too. As a matter of fact, we are already in crisis. Dollar has already 22.5 times devalued from it’s value in early twentieth century. We must earn 22.5 times more then our ancestors to maintain the same standard of living. Are we earning that much? Although, average income is more then before, but, it is nowhere close to 22.5 times. Hence, our standard of living has gone down and is continuously going down, since the gold standard was given up for printed paper money. Those were the times when one income from one full time job, used to take care of whole family and retirement of both spouses. No overtime or second job was needed to provide for the family. You did not have to limit your family to four members by birth control or abortions. Whole family used gather and eat together on dinning table, every day. Weekends were real and every full time worker fully enjoyed his time-off, with his family. They were never restrained by time or money or both.
With this devalued dollar and money, although, the net dollar amounts, paid to the workers, appear to be bigger, net value of our pays is far less then the early twentieth century. We can buy less with our pays and our net standards of living our lower. Specially in Metropolitan areas, the other spouse doesn’t have a choice to not work. In most cases, both partners or spouses must work to provide for family. This may still not be enough, and one or more of them may have to have more then one jobs. This is tearing apart our families and social fabric, as parents are less and less available to their kids. The neglected kids are finding refuge in drugs and / or on streets, causing serious ethical, financial and law and order situations.
So, we must deal with national debt and insane printing of money situation, ASAP, in order to put breaks on this downhill path and bring back our glory.
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