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Gary Johnson For President 2012, Part 14

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If you watched the, so called, presidential debate last night, which, as usual, was a show off of the dictatorship of two parties on our political system, you should have been surprised by the fact, how bold both of them are in lying and deceiving the people. Both of them belong to the parties which have alternated each other on every avenue of power, White House, Congress, states, counties and cites, since Republican Party came into being, starting from Abraham Lincoln. Yet, without any hesitance, both of them kept claiming that their respective parties have nothing to do with anything going wrong, it is the other party which is responsible for every thing. I am surprised, how they play this blame game, on media, to confuse the people. Unfortunately, they have been very successful in spreading the confusion among Americans, for all these years. The proof is that most Americans still do not get it. Tell me this. If they have been alternating each other for about 150 years, how can any one of them even say that it’s not them, it’s the other one. Common sense would argue that both of them should be held responsible.

Even for the current crisis, one belongs to the party which was in charge when it happened and the other is in power for almost last four years. Still, none of them is responsible for anything going wrong, it is the other one? How convenient? Big media makes it even more convenient for them. Did you see anyone of those pundits, at any channel, asking or raising, such critical questions? Even Jim Lehrer’s whole theme was either you or him? He never said, why not both of you?

We are having these useless, nationally telecasted debates, watched by millions, because, we do not have real competition that we are supposed to have in a Democratic and Capitalistic society. It is a duopoly and dictatorship of two parties, established and maintained by billions of dollars from lobbies’ money. Unfortunately, our whole political system is based on bribery. Lobbies bribe candidates by donating huge amounts of money to the campaigns and superPACs, and then influence the policy making and legislation, in return. Both campaigns, along with the totally uncontrolled superPACs, which do not even have to disclose the source of their money, are expected to spend one billion dollars each, this election seasons. I am sorry to say, you are really naive, if you think that these billions come without any strings attached. That unidentified source of money could be China, Russia, middle east or any other not so friendly government or group. If this is not scary to you, I can just sympathize with your stupidity. This is the real threat to our national security, of course along with the sharply and rapidly rising national debt. Borrowed money, too, mostly comes from foreign government like China. By the way, none of the two seems to be serious about it. Mitt Romney, still want to spend two trillion more of money borrowed from China, on Military and he is totally silent on current wars and starting new wars, for example, with Iran or Syria, which he plans to fight by borrowing even more money. Obama, still not ready to yield on welfare. He calls his spending of borrowed money on welfare programs as investments in America’s future. Tell me this Mr. president. How you are strengthening the future by America by drowning our future generations more and more in debt?

Ironically, both of them promise to not increase the taxes. That is a bull crepe. You know why? Because, if they do not change their paths, it will, ultimately, force them to take austerity measures. If you know, austerity measures are , basically, increasing taxes. That will be last mail in the coffin of our economy.

In short, to me, the debate was nothing more then a drama that both parties stage every four years, with the sponsorship of big media. Let’s ask them some real questions. Let us have a real debate here.

My first question is to Mr. Romney. Governor, how you are planning to fund the ongoing wars, two trillion dollars more on military and expected war with Iran? Will you bother to answer this question?
My second question is for Mr. Obama. Mr. president, where you going to get money from, to do investments in America’s future?
And these are my questions to both of them. Why can’t we stop being the police of world? Why can’t we cut taxes on businesses and let free enterprise take care of economy and jobs? I know, for sure, you guys are not going to answer my questions. Because, you do not have any real answers. Let me give you the answers of these questions. You guys are not going to stop policing the world and help people stand on their own feet, because, the sponsors of your billion dollar campaigns do not want that. They want to enslave the whole world under a global empire, run by banks. They know that the biggest threat to their plans of slavery are the freedom loving Americans. So, they want to kill the freedom of American people, first, to end this threat to their evil plans. The two parties and their candidates are just a tool in the hands of big corporations and their lobbies. So, of course, it is ridiculous to expect that they are going to do something about it. They will just sell us into this slavery.
Tell me, realistically, would you chose no Medicare, Medicaid and social security or reformed Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security? Of course, we want these to be there for us and our future generations. It should be clear, now, to almost everyone that these programs are not sustainable, under the current structure. So, if we want these to be there, in future, for us and our future generations, then, these must be changed and reformed. Please, do not fall for the promises made by these two clowns. They will, one day, just drop the bomb that you cannot have these programs anymore.
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