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Gary Johnson For President 2012, Part 12

Government spending, expansion, and federal budget deficits and debt situation is getting really, really serious. It is, now, getting to the point of bankruptcy and government collapse. Government is sensing that collapse, too, and getting prepared for it. How they are preparing for it? Just guess! By spending even more tax payers money. Yes. During the course of last one year government and it’s agencies have bought about 1.4 million bullets. Yes, bullets. For what? They know that government and financial system collapse is going to cause massive unrest and protests, and people may even try to through over the government. So, what they are going to do? They will ban all civil liberties, enforce Marshall law and forcefully suppress the uprising. They will even kill the people, if they have to. That is what the bullets are for. Understood? Wake up people!

Alex Jones reported those purchases and since then the corporate media is on a crusade to deny those reports. Government has classified those purchases, so that we may never know about those, in future. Media is fooling people by focusing and reporting just one purchase, out of this purchasing drive, and doing a blackout of other bigger purchases. 15 trillion dollar debt, which is about 100% of our GDP, and reckless printing of worthless money by Fed, is growing day by day and we are quickly reaching the debt level that exists in troubled European economies like Greece.

It is not the matter of who suffers and what gets cuts, anymore. Reckless politicians have waited and misguided us for too long. It is getting too late and remember, clock is ticking. As Gary Johnson says that we cannot choose, what gets cuts and what doesn’t. If we want to save the future of this country, this nation, our kids and future generations, we must do across the board cuts, and we must make those cuts, now, not ten years down the road or any time in future. To make deficit cuts sensible and practical, we must cut entitlements and defense, both. We must stop all wars, and bring all our troops home, now. We must stop policing the world, now. We must end useless and expensive war on drugs, now. We must make governments small, at all levels, federal, state, county and city, and do what ever it takes, to achieve the goal of a balanced budget. Cut regulations, break down agencies, legalize prostitution, stop policing women’s rights and gay rights.

We must understand that America, as we know it, and life in America, as we know, totally depends on our financial and economic strength. Without having a strong and growing economy, with less and not growing debt, we will most probably have none of this. No strong defense, no entitlements, no social security, no Medicare, no food stamps. Many economists are now pointing out the fact that increase in the number of people on food stamps, is a very important cause of rising food prices, in the midst of this global financial and economic crisis, which technically is supposed to bring down the prices, in the wake of decreased demand, due to unemployment and under employment. Unemployment and under employment, stagnant wages, declining value of money, and inflation, at the top of all this, are just making lives of the people, more and more miserable.

Like any wage earner or like any business, although we are the richest country and largest economy in world, our resources are not unlimited. The growing debt will ultimately get us, and it is getting us, already. It is increasing our dependency on not so friendly countries like China. Owing trillions of dollars, to the foreign countries is the real threat to our national security. The small bunches of stupid mullahs are nothing, compared to the rapidly growing debt. Even to fight those mullahs, we need a strong economy and money of our own, not borrowed one, and worthless printouts from Federal Reserve.

We must re-empower our entrepreneurs and small businesses, cut taxes, cut spending and make government small, as it should be in America, and any responsible modern society. Unfortunately, non of the two, so called, major political parties and all their candidates, including candidates for president, congress, governors, state legislator and city and county governments, are really ready for it. They, their campaigns, their agendas, their policies and their ideas, are still being dictated by powerful and rich corporate lobbies, their money and their crooks. In the wake of this crisis, which, under the control of these two major political parties, keeps getting worse and worse, we need the people who really love this country and nation, who have bones, who are not always keeping their fingers up in the air, and who have a record and who are ready to make tough choices. Unfortunately, this type of candidates do not belong to major political parties. Democrats are still not ready to make any compromises on entitlements and Republicans are not ready to make compromises on wars and military spending. None of their numbers really add up and make any sense, as far as the tackling of this crisis and deficit cuts are concerned.
I must say that the Libertarians like Gary Johnson for president, are the only real choice, in the upcoming U.S. elections. Folks, it is the time to make a real change in our politics, not a bogus change like we got with Obama. Obama is just another corporate, lobbies, spending, welfare and entitlements freak. I must also mention, here, although both parties, publicly, blame each other, for getting us in this ditch, behind the doors they are all the same. They are all corrupt and belong to same lobbies. Doesn’t matter what they say, their records show that they have absolutely no interest in our country, in our nation, in our people, our safety and security and our welfare. All they care about is their own personal agendas and re-elections. Since the Republican party came into being, starting from Abraham Lincoln, both of these parties have alternated each other on every avenue of power, in America, you can imagine, White House, Congress, appointing the judges, getting coverage in big corporate media, states, cities and counties. None of them, can take away the blame, from respective party.
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