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Gary Johnson For President 2012, Part 10

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In the following paragraphs, I will try to clarify the questions and confusions, as much as I can, in this little, one post. I will also try to provide, some valuable references for better understanding. Please, refer to those carefully and thoughtfully. After all, this what constructive discussions are all about.

Before I go ahead, I want to make it very clear that these confusions are the creation of corporate media and the politicians sold out to lobbies. They make everyone think that there are only two types of people in this world (classify and divide, and then rule), conservatives and liberals. Logically speaking, this cannot be more wrong. Spectrum of thought is infinite and there are infinite crossing points on it. Everyone in this world falls on a totally unique crossing point. As a matter of fact there are no two persons, in this world, who think exactly same and fall on exactly same point on the spectrum of thoughts. So, at the best, there may be only one perfect conservative and one perfect liberal, in this world. There are infinite possibilities between and beyond perfect conservatism and liberalism.

America was founded on the principle of liberty and freedom for all. That is why American constitution acknowledged that every individual on the face of Earth has certain inalienable rights. These rights can be summed up in two phrases, “free markets” and “free individuals”.

This was a huge blow on traditional and existing wisdom, at the time. Before America, governments, the kings, the lords, the priests and the theocracy were supposed to take care of everything. Contrary to this, American constitution said that all men are essentially born free. They have inalienable rights on life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Governments are not from God. These must be of the people, for the people and by the people. A smallest possible government, should use it’s very limited authority, delegated to it by constitution and people. America was “The land of free and brave, and the land of opportunities”. The most talented, gifted, intelligent, creative and innovative people, from around the world flocked over to this new land of promise. We were very fortunate that our founders were very sincere people. They, actually, kept every promise they made. America provided it’s citizens and immigrants, the freedom and leveled, plain field, totally unprecedented in human history. And these free people, together with their unmatched creativity and ingenuity performed the miracles, never thought to be possible, before.

It was an open, unregulated, plain field, which allowed two bicycle shop owner brothers from Ohio, to run their crazy experiments on the flying machine, in Kill Devil Hills, NC. I have no doubt, if it was in today’s America, they would have been definitively locked in by a street cop, for insanity. They tried to fly and failed, time and again, from the hill, crashing on ground, almost killing themselves. But, they were confident and determined. They never gave up. Even, on that historic day in 1903, historians have mentioned that in the crowd which gathered over there, nobody really came to watch a man made machine flying. They came to see those idiots failing, again, to make fun of them, and to get something for gossip. But, to the surprise of everyone, they saw that machine, made with bicycle parts, flying! If it wasn’t for Wright brothers, we would have not been reaching Mars, now, and there would have not been global air travel and trade, which has really revolutionized the world, as we know it today. On the other hand, government named the air force base in Washington metro area after General Langley, who lead the loser team, which was financed by millions of tax payer dollars, and still lost the race to Wright brothers. But, who cares! Wright brothers do not need that anyways. They live, and will live in the hearts of millions of admirers around the world.

It was the free and open markets that led to the development of assembly lines, which made mass scale productions possible, specially in auto industry and the transportation was revolutionized, as we know it, now. It was the free and open society, and markets which led to the invention of light bulb and a global network of electricity production, which made the life possible, as we know it, today. It was the free and open society and markets, which invented greatest communication technologies like Movies, TV, Radio and mass printing of newspapers and magazines. This changed the information access forever. Same is the story of railroads and Internet. Internet is the ultimate global instrument for arming the masses with the quickest and most comprehensive information tools, possible, so far.

Unfortunately, status quo, never liked the land of free and brave. it was impossible for the global elite, the theocracy, bureaucracy and aristocracy, to accept the fact that there is a piece of land, in this world, which is effectively out of their significant influence. This situation was made even more grave for them, by incredible growth, power, social and economic strength, and global influence, United States attained, within two hundred years. For elite of the world, this war was even more personal, now. It was not just because U.S. citizens were out of their influence, but, it was also, because, U.S. now owned the quarter of world’s wealth. How could the 23% of the global wealth, be out of their control?

Libertarians are not about conservative or liberal ideas. To understand Libertarian philosophy, you must get out of the influence of stereotyped ideas propagated by big media and political pimps. Under the influence of these bogus ideas, we think, if you are a conservative, you must be against the legalization of drugs and prostitution; you must be anti-abortion and anti-gay rights; and you must always be ready to attack any country in the world, just because it is exercising it’s sovereignty. Media also tell us, if you are a liberal, then, you must be against limited government; you should not believe on fiscal responsibility; you must not care about debt and deficits; and you must be against free markets. And since, media keeps us blind from other infinite possibilities, available to human mind, intellectually, we are left with no choice except to accept one set of beliefs and start hating the other. In true sense, these ideas are the modern religions, in which we are the chosen ones, and are always right, while other will be burned in hell forever, because, they are always completely wrong. Please, visit this Fox News page:
Why Gary Johnson could cost Obama or Romney a win in 2012

Libertarian philosophy is far away from this hypothetical and logically wrong, division of the world into two hostile and polarized camps. Libertarians are above and beyond the ideological bickering. Our like and dislike for ideas or policies are not based on pre-determined ideological criteria or division of people based on assumptions. We believe in common sense, intellectual arguments, reasoning, science and historical evidence.
Please, read the following reference:
Ron Paul
Now, we can take the issues, one at a time. By the end of this discussion, you will realize that our stands on issues are not contradicting. These, just, deny the conventional beliefs, propagated by big media. As a matter of fact, these views are united under the banner of common sense, intellect, reasoning, wisdom, and historical and factual evidence. Please, refer to the following article:

What I Ask of Romney and Obama

Take, for example, the budget deficits and national debt. Our national debt is now 16 trillion dollars, which is about 100% of our GDP. If we maintain current level of spending, we are only 6 to 8 years away from, debt, being 160% of GDP, where Greece and European countries, facing total economic collapse, are, right now. You think Republicans will take care of it? Think, again! Romney wants to fight current wars for an indefinite period. He, actually wants to start new wars, Iran and Pakistan, for example. Let me mention that Iran is not Iraq or Afghanistan. Iran has a very big military. It has millions of religiously fanatic suicide bomber, national guards and countless sleepers around the world. Iranian military was very well armed, by us, in it’s war against Iraq. Even if you are not convinced that an attack on Iran or Pakistan, can quickly turn into a third world war, carefully read these facts. Iran, produces lots of weapons by itself, thanks to the technology we provided to Shah. Plus, it has unconditional military and other support from Russia, China and several European countries. And Pakistan! Don’t even think about it. Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world and has eight largest military. It is a nuclear power with the ownership of well over hundred nuclear warheads. Pakistan manufactures, all by itself, medium range nuclear missiles and is very close to the launch of domestically manufactured long range nuclear missiles. Pakistan has it’s own satellites in space. Pakistan is our only ally in an extremely dangerous and strategically important neighborhood, which includes Russia, China, India, Iran and Afghanistan. Pakistan opened our window for trade relationship with China, played a key role in war against Soviet Union in Afghanistan. It is an extremely important ally in current Iraq and Afghanistan wars. It has killed more terrorists then any other country in the world, including United States. Pakistan’s military is frequently rated the best trained military in the world, outclassing even United States. It trains military personnel and officers from many friendly countries. Above all, how these proponents of attacks and wars are planning to finance these wars? By borrowing even more money from not so friendly countries like China? Wouldn’t that be last nail in this disaster? First of all, China will not like us breathing on their necks, by entering a neighboring country like Pakistan. Second of all, Pakistan is one of the oldest and strongest Chinese allies. Pakistan plays as the first line of defense and offense for China, in it’s border conflicts with India, which have already caused one war between the two countries. In case of a U.S. attack, Pakistan, can start a nuclear war and it’s very large military and advanced military technology can give a hell to any attacker. Plus, all the internal differences, fights and terrorism will be gone in no time and the whole country will be united against one common enemy. It is believed that China will immediately stop all money supply to United States and will start cashing out it’s U.S. bonds, making U.S. financial crisis, impossible to handle, here at home. In addition to this, China, with it’s trillions in cash reserves, third biggest pile of nuclear and other weapons and world’s largest population, is very likely to jump into the war, in defense of Pakistan. These Republican, ignorant, idiots have no clue what they are talking about. Please, visit the following link:
Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura
Do you think that Democrats are going to solve the debt and deficits problem? Think one more time. Democrats cannot get votes and maintain their political standing, without a continuous increase in entitlements, which are already well beyond our affordability. So, what we do to prevent this, another, and even far worse, looming crisis, and balance the budget, now. We end all wars, and bring all troops home, now. This will also prevent more troops being killed, and physically and psychologically traumatized. This will also reduce the post war cost of war, which in some cases could even be more then the actual cost of war. Republicans and Democrats would argue that it will be a defeat and will make the threat, worse. These arguments are simply not true. All the new studies show that it is now virtually impossible to occupy another country and win the war on natives on their own land. This is, because, guerilla warfare is now far more advanced and impossible to be defeated, by any power. Also, if we remember, even over two hundred years ago, we invented this type of warfare, and defeated British, mostly using the guerilla war tactics against them, in our war of independence. Plus, most studies are now showing that we have far more enemies and are far less safe, then we were before the beginning of war on terror. Please, visit the following source:
Alex Jones: Prison Planet
Take the case of war on drugs. Libertarian stand on this issue is frequently coined as insane and ridiculous, by Republicans and Democrats, both. Here are the facts. This war on drugs, is going for over forty years, now. It has already cost tax payers about a trillion dollars, and hundreds of thousands of live. We have the highest incarceration rate in the world. It was 100 / 100000 citizens until 1970. In 2005 it was raised to 491 / 100000, and still rising, every year. Drug arrests have tripled in last 25 years, climbing to about 1.8 million a year, from about 581 thousands in 1980, mostly from minority communities. It is the cause of very high infection rates in our country, because drug users cannot legally get sterilized needles and share those with each other. It is the root cause and major money supplier to gangs and terrorists. If legalized and regulated like alcohol (Alcohol was prohibited, in the past, too. But, it was repealed due to the massive failure, causing huge gang violence and other illegal activities). It will stop all these legal, health, violence and waste of tax payer’s money related issues and generate heavy tax revenues, just like alcohol. Does it sound crazy to you? Please, visit this link:

Julian Assange

Take the example of economic and financial crisis of 2008, still holding us back, and recovery efforts from Bush and Obama administrations, both, have essentially failed. It is now next to impossible to find a member of congress, publicly admitting the responsibility for any of the two bailout done, one each by Bush and Obama governments, but, majority of them, from both political parties, voted for those and that is how they were passed and approved by Congress of United States of America. Those bailouts cost us about two trillion dollars, mostly financed by tax payer dollars and debt money from countries like China, which we and our future generations have to pay back, with interest. In addition to this, Federal reserve has printed over ten trillion dollars and handed it over to the big, multi-national banks. Have we seen any major difference, yet? Unemployment is still over 8 percent. Dollar is rapidly losing it’s value; inflation is high; cost of living is on rise; standards of living are falling. Small businesses, start-ups and early stage companies still cannot get even e penny from the banks, sitting on trillions of dollars of tax payer’s money. Most small businesses are either already bankrupt or hardly surviving over razor thin financing secured from non-bank, innovative financing hubs like prosper.com, financed by regular citizens. As a matter of fact, the bailouts reversed the natural course of regular free market fixes of recessions and depression. Under regular circumstances, with demand for goods and services falling, due to high unemployment and under-employments, during financial crises, the prices fall and the standards of living of people who have jobs or a viable business, go up, which results in revised demand, more sales, more revenues, new jobs and new businesses. Under current situation, all the tax payer’s money poured in, by bailouts and Fed, are causing inflation and hike in prices, and delaying the predicted course. Plus, the bailouts, put back the same crooks on the helm of affairs, who were originally, responsible for the crisis. If we did not bailout them, they would have either gone through a legal process of bankruptcy filing, re-structured and changed practices to survive, or would have simply gone bankrupt, being replaced by more honest and more competitive, smaller competitors. But, the bailouts and federal reserve money, which, due to massive printing of money, is driving down our standards of living, blocked this natural fix. Now, those crooks got our money and are using it to kill and buy out the smaller and fair playing competitors. This limited competition and monopolies are re-building another generation of too big to fail companies, heading us toward another crisis which will be far bigger then anyone, so far, and with a seriously weaker economy, we will not, even, be able to afford it. That will be the end of U.S. as the global economic power, as we know it. So, what we do. We must take the government out of private business and let companies succeed and fail, depending upon their performance in free markets. Seriously reduce taxes and regulations on businesses. Let small banks, business financiers, and entrepreneurs take risk and freely compete, on an open, plain field. Get rid of monopolies and too big to fail companies, by splitting them, or whatever the way possible. Some would argue that it was the lake of regulation, which caused the crisis, in first place. That is simply not true. There were numerous federal, state and local agencies, in place to watch and regulate the system, at the time of crisis. But, those failed, as expected. As a matter of fact, current federal secretary of finance, Mr. Timothy Geithner, was the chief of New York Fed and all that happened right under his nose. It is pity that instead of being punished for that, he was promoted. This was because, he did exactly what his and Obama’s corporate bosses wanted. Please, visit this resource:
ExcitingAds! Blog
Take the example of our education system. We are currently being ranked as “average” in education, worldwide. We have received scores around 500 on a scale that goes up to 1,000: 487 in math, 500 in reading and 502 in science. We rate lowest in developed world, as far as the proportion of college graduates, among the national population, is concerned. Our college degrees are the most expensive in whole world. This is, because, there is absolutely no competition left in education system. There are no consequences for lower standards, quality and results. Because, parents have no choice, in selecting schools, for their children. And, because, tax payer financed college loans, guarantee them, the payments on any price stickers they put on. So, what we do? We must guarantee the competition and choice in education system, by issuing the vouchers to parents and guardians of children. This is the only way, we can assure the education standards, required to stay competitive, in today’s increasingly competitive global economy.

Take the example of prostitution. Most experts in psychology, identify sex and rage as the most basic instincts, in life, existing on Earth. This is because life, in it’s very early stages, realized that life is not life without pleasure and it’s survival cannot be guaranteed without it being able to protect itself. This is why prostitution is the oldest profession in human history, and, even, the most suppressive regimes, ideologies, religions, governments and countries, have never been able to stop it. Even with all that emphasis that religions put on monogamy and commitments for life and monogamy, being adopted as the cultural norm in western societies and all that effort and money poured in making polygamy, promiscuity and incest, taboos, these have always prevailed, every where and all the time. Bans on prostitution, polygamy and incest, are another, expensive lost war. These are not just an infringement on personal liberty and choice, they have very heavy social, monetary, psychological, human and health cost. People, including politicians and other celebrities, have to frequently lie about their relationships with prostitutes, their polygamous practices and their incest related ventures. As with any repressive law, this law is not just costly, it is also very discriminatory. As per statistics, there are about 70,000 to 80,000 prostitution related arrests in United States, every year. The tax payer cost of these arrests is about 200 million dollars. Out of these arrests about 70% are female prostitutes and Madams, 20% are male prostitutes and pimps and only 10% are Johns. The healthcare cost, human cost, psychological cost, social cost and lost tax revenues are additional. Our solutions to this issue are similar to drugs. Countries with legalized prostitution, have far less prostitution related violence, crime and healthcare costs and they are collecting revenues with an activity, which has never been stopped anyways, in any part of the world, at any given time.

I can go on and on and on, forever, and write a book. But, this is already getting too long. I am very confident that I have established a very viable case for Libertarian ideas. My open minded friends, should, now, realize and accept that contrary to media and political hype, Libertarian philosophy, is not a bunch of contradictions. It is rather a very intelligent, wise, practical, common sense and contemporary bunch of solutions to huge problems we are facing, right now. Live free, be Libertarian. Be smart, vote Libertarian. Be wise, vote Gary Johnson. If you have any more questions and concerns, please, contact me through my ExcitingAds Blog.
Thank you for your time to read this extensive, long and detailed comment.

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