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Financing Issues and Political Campaigns

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In principle, money earned, whether by a person or a corporation, is the money earned and provides the right to spend it, the way, owner of money wants to spend it, within certain confinements of law. For example, owner of money cannot use money for money laundering, bribery, hire to kill, etc. Beside these confinements, the owner of money can spend where ever, in whatever amount. I believe, this is true for elections campaigns, too. My only problem with citizen united is that the superPACs and, so called, non-partisan action committees do not have to reveal the source on income or the information regarding the donors of money. This, to me, is a huge national security issue, beside others. Right now the situation is that any foreign government, corporation or foundation or group can make a corporation in United States, create a superPAC and start pouring, as much money it wants, to anyone it wants, and they do not even have to tell, where the money is coming from.

As much as it is the right of a candidate to, legally, raise money from any legal source, it is the right of every American citizen and every American voter, to have complete and absolute transparency. I think, the best proposal, in this regard, is given by Jesse Ventura. He says that the candidates must be obliged to wear suits like NASCAR drivers, so that public knows, right away, who is sponsored by whom, and where from the money is flowing to each candidate. I believe, every candidate, must provide a complete information about all his or her donors, on his or her website, down to a penny, within five business days of the donation received. Regardless of what candidates say or claim, a fully transparent and timely information about the donors, will help voters determine the direction candidate is going to take after getting elected, as it is very obvious from past history, and common sense that candidates are likely to ditch their voters, but, not the donors, because, in most cases they have to run again or need their donors, even if they are not running in future. They may need their donors, for what ever do in future, for their businesses, and for foundations or charities, they may be running in future.

The corruption in our politics has reached a point where it has become extremely damaging to our country and economy. Politicians are always in election mode. They hardly ever think, in terms of what is really good for country or nation. Every thing they say, every action they take, and every vote they cast, has a laser sharp focus, to the satisfaction of their donors or sponsors, I should say. Whole political process has now turned into a continuous bickering or drama or a so called reality show. As a matter of fact their is not much difference between our politicians and Kim Kardashian.
As opposed to what is expected in a Democracy, the politicians are not run by voters anymore. Ninety-eight percent of them are now being run, exclusively, by rich and powerful corporate lobbies. It has, now, becoming more and more obvious then ever that the biggest cause of this rampant corruption, in our politics, is two party dictatorship. With the help of enormous amounts of money they are getting from their rich sponsors and with the help big media, mostly owned by same corporations that own political lobbies, they have been very successful, in tuning the whole nation to vote for “lesser evil”. Please, take a deep breath, pause for a second and think. What the F*ck is this voting for “lesser evil”? Does it mean that this nation of over 300 million people, which is the richest and most powerful in world, and which is the flag bearer of democracy Capitalism and highest moral standards in the world, is so morally bankrupt and devoid of good people that it has to vote for “lesser evil” at all levels of government like president, congress, states, cities and counties? Or this is just a bad system built and being run by powerful and rich special interest. As an American, I find it really insulting to tell anyone that out of a nation of over 300 million people, I am going to vote for lesser evil. Don’t you think? How sad and disturbing is it for you to only have choice between greater and lesser evil?

The ever increasing use of this “vote for lesser evil” phrase, actually gives me a hope. It makes me realize that more and more American are now, increasingly, realizing that both parties are extremely corrupt and not good. It shows that we, the third party supporters, are successfully breaking the first barrier and, in spite of our limited support and resources, are taking this battle to the next level. While, all the big media is now openly endorsing the “lesser evil”, we, the Libertarians, have to make our fellow Americans realize that as a nation, we are not, ethically and morally, too much bankrupt, to have to chose between greater and lesser evil. A vast majority of our fellow Americans still believes in higher moral and ethical standards. They practice these standards every day in their homes, at work, in businesses, in neighborhoods and in social circles. Most Americans are still teaching these great values to their kids and students. Doesn’t matter what corporate media is telling you and what these sold out politicians are preaching, trust me, we still have lots and lots of good in our country and nation.
The need is to realize the emptiness and trickiness of this “vote for lesser evil” notion. You are an American> You must not be ashamed of your country, nation and your people. Next time, when ever, someone tries to preach you this “lesser evil” notion, you must stand tight with pride and tell that crook, “I am an American. I own the richest and proudest heritage. I have lots and lots of good, honest and trust worthy people in my country and in my nation. God forbid me, we are not that much cursed by Him, yet. We do not have to choose between greater and lesser evil. Instead of evil, I will vote for my conscience, to a good, eligible and honest candidate, with a credible record”.

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