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Filling in for Bandalo, It’s cooking time! : MLPLounge

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Today, since I’m in college with limited money and no kitchen, we will be making a simple fried Spam sandwich. Now, I knoe Spam gets a lot of hat, but it’s no worse than lunchmeat or hot dogs. It’s just ham with preservatives, that’s all.

Slice your Spam into four slices.

Melt some butter in the pan, and place slices in pan.

Cook at just below medium heat.

Slice a couple roma tomatoes.

Continue cooking until Spam is hot.

Crank up the temperature and briefly sear both sides (to make it a bit crispy).

Places some cheese on two slices of bread, I like Colby & Monterey Jack.

Place Spam atop cheese.

Top with lettuce, tomatoes, and mustard.

Serve with fancy sparkling grape juice because you’re classy.


via Filling in for Bandalo, It's cooking time! : MLPLounge.


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