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FAQ’s and Ask the Mods! : polandball

So, with the new sticky feature implimented we thought it would be a good time to have a FAQ’s and Ask the Mods thread. This will be especially helpful for new subscribers and lurkers.


How can I submit a comic?

Check this helpful information out. It has to follow the official tutorial, you then upload the comic to and send us a link in modmail. Once you are approved you can post whenever you like, as long as it follows the rules.

Why do comics have to be more than one panel for approval?

So we can see what you are actually able to do, after you’ve been approved feel free to post single panels but we won’t approve you just on that.

How do I get a countryball beside my name?

Click the (click to get a countryball) link in the sidebar. Then click your countryball and scroll down to the bottom of the dropdown box and click (save)

Why is poland upside down?

If you look at the tutorial you can see that everything in poland is upside down

Why is Israel a cube?

Jewish Physics

Why is Kazakhstan a brick?

On Krautchan when the country flags were changed to balls, the Kazakhstan flag stayed a normal rectangle initially. Thus it became a brick.

Why can’t I post reaction gifs as comments?

Frankly they are the lowest common denominator for comments. We also don’t allow pun threads and meme’s/image macros either. See the list here and if you notice a rule break in /r/polandball please report it.

Why do some users have wings beside their names?

This is because they have won either a monthly contest, or one of their comics made it to the top of all time. For a full list of the Honourary Hussar Wings Winners click here

What’s this contest you are talking about?

We have our monthly contests, every user is able to submit a comic to the mods, then our mod account posts it anonymously and people can vote on the comics. The winner gets hussar wings. For a list of the contests go to the bottom of this page

How do some users post countryballs in the comments sections?

They are using minis. Feel free to use them yourself but please don’t overuse them. We don’t want them to get old.

Is there anywhere that shows stats from /r/polandball?

Yes, on stattit it shows some statistics

I love polandball, is there any other related subreddits?

Yes there is! /r/Planetball is for planetballs, check it out!

Can I post old comics?

Yes, there are a few rules though. It must have not been posted in the last 8 months, also it must not be in the top 150 of all time or redditormade. Click here for the full list

What’s redditormade?

It means the comic is made by that redditor, it is original content.

What’s berndmade?

It was made by another user on the internet, the poster is not the original drawer of the comic.

Why can’t I use cityballs?

Frankly there are just too many, it gets complicated.

If you have any other questions this is the time to ask

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