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Expand Your Reach with LinkedIn Sponsored Updates – Parthenon Publishing

While almost all marketers are using content marketing tactics as part of the overall marketing strategy, one of their biggest challenges is getting that content in front of the people they want to reach. LinkedIn has introduced is now a powerful tool to overcome this obstacle: LinkedIn Sponsored Updates.

Boost your post with a modest budget

What are sponsored updates?

LinkedIn Sponsored Updates are a paid advertising solution that enable companies to promote any Company Page update to a specific audience in individuals’ news feeds. (If you’re not already updating your company page with news, links to blogs and interesting articles, start now. Here’s a story that will help you start making the most of your LinkedIn Company Page.)

I’ve heard some marketers complain about the cost of sponsored updates as just another way for LinkedIn to get more revenue. That is the wrong way to think about it. Sponsored Updates are an opportunity to get in front of people you would not reach otherwise. The cost is minimal and the opportunity is huge.

How do they work?

When Sponsored Updates were announced, we tested them. We selected a somewhat recent update that discussed a post on the Parthenon Publishing blog. We then targeted the audience we wanted to reach and set a very modest budget of $25 per day for our five-day campaign.

The results were impressive. We received all the clicks to our post our budget allowed. (We paid for clicks. You can also set up a campaign to purchase impressions.) Our Sponsored Update received more than 20,000 impressions, thousands more than our typical unpaid update. Traffic to the blog post on our website spiked. And, we gained new followers to our Company Page. Now these people have the opportunity to receive our non-paid updates on a regular basis.

How do I get started?

Sponsored Updates are a great way to reach targeted individuals outside your established network, generate leads and grow your business. Try out these LinkedIn resources and test out your skills with a sponsored post of your own:

LinkedIn’s guide to getting started with Sponsored Updates

Hubspot’s Crash Course on LinkedIn Sponsored Updates (registration required)

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