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The bailouts circus continues. For decades, governments in Europe and America are doing outlandish spending. This was majorly driven by the belief, in people with power that under current financial systems debt is never too much for any government. They thought that power to print and borrow money will keep flowing in the billions and even trillions, forever. Unfortunately, the realities of markets do not, and did not work that day. The burden of debt finally became unbearable for many of those countries, one after the other. What they criminally overlooked was the fact that debt needs to be paid back, with interest, and as the debt grows interest rates go up, making it harder to borrow more and pay back the existing. On the other hand, too much supply of money, with reckless printing, renders it virtually worthless.

They made huge mistakes in past, and now they are making blunders, in fixing it. The precious resources are being diverted away from businesses, individuals and families, to rescue the most inefficient governments that will continue to burden individuals, families, businesses and economies, with even higher taxes. Money worth of trillions of dollars is needed for these bailouts in U.S. and Europe. For this purpose central banks are printing trillions.

Governments cannot run the economies forever. Sooner or later private financial markets will have to take over. As soon as the private markets get into full swing along with the trillions pumped into bailouts, the inflation will skyrocket. To slow down that inflation, central banks will have to raise the interest rate very high. These higher interest rates will make it even harder for individuals, families and small businesses to be able to afford any credit. This coupled with higher inflation, will make it very difficult to make ends meet, run a business or hire the employees, especially at a decent rate. This is how we are going to pay for these bailouts, benefiting corrupt banks and corporations and big inefficient governments.

The current bailouts spree does not only guarantees the money supply to big campaign financiers for politicians, but also confirms the strengthening of monopolies held by big guys. Politicians have to pay back the favors, anyways. Due to the powerful influence of lobbies, propaganda from corporate media and corrupt politicians, we have lost the golden opportunity of replacing the bad parts in malfunctioning machines. Instead, we are reconditioning the same parts with tax payers’ money. These bad parts will continue to create problems, probably even worse, very soon in the future.

Corrupt and inefficient people at the helm of affairs, who caused these problems, at the first place, are continuously being rewarded by tax payers’ money. Aren’t they are all supposed to be in jails? What a game and what a drama? All these politicians and lobbyists should be the drama writers. Worst is that all of this is being done in the name our good. Pause for a second. Get rid of media hype, take deep breath and think. What is good in it for us?

What an average Joe has got from it so far? Inflation, higher taxes, unemployment, pay-cuts, reduced hours of working, downsizing of benefits, while our hard earned money is being spent on inefficient governments and corrupt corporations. Governments and corporate officials are still flying in private jets, staying in five star hotels, driving and riding on million dollar cars, living in mentions, getting multimillion dollars bonuses, loading bank accounts with money, not because they have performed, outstandingly, but, because, we have provided them unrestricted access and authority over our money and our resources. This is crazy, this is outrageous, and this is ridiculous.

This keeps going on, because, many of us are still under media spell. We do not even realize, how the governments, lobbies and corporations are robbing us altogether. Wake up people. Enough is enough. Recognize your own rights. Reclaim your money and property. Historically we are the biggest flag bearers of human rights. How do we watch our own rights slipping away, so easy? People in the countries like Egypt, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Turkey and Brazil are standing up against tyranny for their rights. What about us? The land of free and brave is being enslaved.
Even the courts in Germany are repeatedly ruling in the favor of European Union and its bailout plans. Remember, all the elite, go to same schools, where they are taught the same crepe. Government is good. It protects your rights. It guarantees equality and justice. Idiots! Equality and justice cannot be enforced. Don’t you know what happened to the socialist and communist giants? Our rich history has proven that the only way a true equality was ever established, in the history of world, was by providing equal opportunities and level plain field to all. We the human beings have immense and unlimited potential.
When we were freed, we created the nation and country like United States of America, which became the greatest force and most efficient economic and financial engine, ever created in human history, within two hundred years. That did not happen, because, government was very big, guaranteeing everything to everyone. It happened because everyone was provided with a leveled, plain field, to be able to work hardest, in the best possible way, to his or her fullest potential. Unfortunately, over the course of time, we let the tragedy of great nation, hit us, too. We allowed the formation of an elite class, with different names and identities, though.
It used to be bureaucracy, theocracy and aristocracy. Now its politicians, banks and media. We let them play their dirty money game, and take over this great country and nation. Government makes legislation that help big corporations, establish and strengthen their monopolies. Big corporations and their lobbies provide money to the campaigns of corrupt politicians, and media mesmerizes us in the favor of this dirty game. This triangle is so far working even better than the previous one. Corporation now do not rule an area or one country. They rule the world.

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