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Government of the people, by the people and for the people was a revolutionary human rights idea, accepted as the basic principle of democracy. One person, one vote, truly emphasized the U.S. constitutional principle of all men are created equal. This idea embodies in it the idea that people, citizens and voters may and would have differences on a number of issues, but, regardless of anything like cast, creed, ideology, religion, race, etc, etc., everyone would have the same power of owning one vote. Restrictions on voting rights, based on stuff like criminal record, are totally unconstitutional and violate the basic democratic principle of one person, one vote.
In my view, and this view is shared by lots of people, U.S. elections are not really democratic and not even constitutional, in many ways. In an ideally democratic political system, while political and non-political parties and groups would be allowed to exist, work and campaign in the favor of their favorite people, there would be no names, parties or groups on any ballot. Voters would write or type the name / names of their favorite person / persons, for the office being contested. If a person cannot write or type the names, due to disability or English illiteracy, he or she could bring a helper with him or her, or the polling staff would be required to provide help to such voters, so that they can successfully cast vote in the favor of their favorite person / persons. Anyone who have a tax payment proof, even if it is just sales tax, would be allowed to vote. Anyone who has paid at least ten dollars in taxes, if elected, could hold a public office. If suspected of crimes like bribery, abuse of power, espionage, treason and obstruction of justice, an special election would be held and the person could be removed from the public office by an absolute majority (at least 50% votes in the favor of person’s removal). If convicted by a court of law on any of such crimes, person could automatically lose the right to vote or hold a public office. Anyone involved in any unconstitutional activity would be ineligible to vote or hold a public office. Involvement in an unconstitutional activity could only be determined either by a court of law or at least 50% of voters. I must emphasize here that there is a difference between illegal activity and unconstitutional activity. For example, prostitution and use of recreational drugs may be illegal, but, it certainly is constitutional. So, involvement in or conviction on such activities, would not render a person ineligible to vote or hold a public office.
I truly believe that this model or a similar model can establish and maintain a truly democratic system. In this model everyone will have a right to vote and hold a public office. There will be a truly open competition for the public offices, with everyone having an essentially inherited, fair chance. This will also end the duopoly of Republican and Democratic party on our political system. After all our first president George Washington did not belong to any party. In the system I am proposing, the party or group affiliations would be allowed, but, no nomination will be required. If you have paid at least ten dollars in taxes during recent election cycle and majority of voters have voted for you, you would be eligible to hold the office.
With totally open and wide competition for public offices, the monopoly of money on our political system will end, too. People will still need money to win the elections, specially for the higher level offices and they will have to raise it from businesses, lobbies, groups, activists and individuals, but, a broader and more intensive competition will effectively lower down the size and number bets, being put on candidates, groups or parties. History tells us that George Washington was against the party politics and that is why he did not promote it and there were definitively some valid reasons for it, as we are seeing and observing, right now. There will be no winner takes all and there will be no national security or other clause, in the way of accessing or disseminating information. Winners will form groups, parties, alliances and coalitions and the majority will form governments at all levels. If no one is able to establish an absolute majority, there will be runoff election within certain period of time, to establish an absolute majority.
Power and the size of governments, at all levels, will be limited and reduced. It will be the responsibility of elected officials and governments to make sure that markets operate with maximum freedom and tax dollars are not wasted in unnecessary regulations, wars, laws, inefficiency and corruption. We have the best people and businesses in the world. All we need is a totally overhauled and well-oiled machine. Like our initial days, no unconstitutional limitations on personal and business liberty will be allowed.
As opposed to the government in the early days of our country, the contemporary U.S. governments and political system does not represent an average Joe, like you and me. It rather represents the big, powerful and rich corporations, and individuals. We need to restore the Democracy that our forefathers enjoyed, as Americans. We must make it a haven for the free, brave, adventurous, risk taking, business minded people, once again.
I know, keeping current circumstances in mind, I am asking for too much. But, we have inherited a great tradition from our forefathers. The word impossible does not exist in our dictionaries. An American is raised with the belief that he or she can achieve anything with hard work and dedication. Together we can do this, too. Just like our forefathers, who achieved so much, a lot of which was considered impossible, back then. I call this goal “constitutional Democracy” and united together, “people for constitutional Democracy and restoration of constitutional rights” can win this battle, too.

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