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We often forget the fact that most important and precious existence on this planet are human beings. All the ideologies, religions, institutions, governments, states and ethics must at least pretend to be serving the purposes and wellbeing of human beings. If you take out this incentive from the creation of any of these, there remains no point in their existence. If it is not benefiting humans and individuals, it is useless and unnecessary. We totally believe that Capitalism and Democracy are the best economic and political systems, respectively. Mainly, because our understanding is that these systems serve human beings and individual interests in a best possible manner.

We also believe that it is in the best interest of anyone on this planet to adopt these systems. But, our basic ideology and beliefs also award immense value to individual choice. We believe that we must be able to choose our way of living without any external or internal coercion. Same is true for the people in rest of world. Whether we like it or not, and their choices are different or even opposite to ours, we must respect their right to choose, just as we want our right to choose, to be respected by everyone else. This argument is also supported by the historical fact that world has always had different systems working at any point in time, and it was never converted to one system running the whole world.

Coercion is in sharp contrast with choice. Respecting other people’s choice is just as important as our own. We do stand up for human rights, and no doubt that there are regimes around the world which seriously violate these rights. But, interference in the matters of other countries is definitely not our job. Plus, there are so many authoritarian regimes in the world that we cannot even afford to fight every single one of those.

The non-intervention in the affairs of other countries is a good choice even when we look from the stand point of our own economic and financial situation. The ever mounting debt and increasing deficits are strongly demanding a hands-off foreign policy. This also seems to be true in the sense that human rights situation in our own country is not ideal, either, and keeps getting worse. We must improve conditions here at home before even thinking about the others, if it is permissible under any circumstances, at all.

Embargo on Cuba and sanctions on many other countries are mostly placed on the grounds of human rights violations. But, the real underlying intents behind almost all of those have been policing the world, safeguarding U.S. economic interests and teaching other countries a lesson for not complying with U.S. policies and guidelines. Invariably, the sanctions and embargoes have totally failed to change the oppressive regimes and their behaviors. But, almost all of those have caused serious hardships on the citizens of that country. This is not just the violation of our basic principle regarding freedom of choice, it also violates the basic foundation for the existence of any ideology or system, to serve the interests of individual human beings.

If our vigor and eagerness for the global dominance of our favorite system is causing suffering on human beings instead of benefiting them then there is no justification for its existence, at the first place. Fifty three years of embargo on Cuba did not change the regime in that country. All it has done so far is immense suffering on Cuban people. Same is true for sanctions on Iran, Russia and other countries. Embargoes and sanctions do not only adversely affect the other countries.

Embargoes and sanctions have adverse effects on our own country, economy and citizens, as well. Businesses trading with those countries suffer losses, people lose jobs, and families get separated and disconnected. If we are good example for the rest of world then good relations and frequent interaction must be the correct way to influence them, not the animosity and broken relations. We cannot be teaching human rights to whole world and forcing them to follow our guidelines at the same time. There is a serious contradiction in this policy and it is the basic reason why these policies do not work, at all.
Trade benefits everyone, involved. It creates jobs, reduces cost of production and raises the standards of living. The only viable solution to poverty here at home and around the world is the global trade, free of tariffs and taxes. Anything produced for bigger global markets, costs less per piece, making it affordable for everyone. A very large portion of the cost of traded items comes from tariffs and taxes charged by increasingly bigger governments. More trade can result into further strengthening of private markets, diminishing any need for bigger governments, whatsoever. No sane person can argue the benefits from less of large burdensome governments.
Embargoes and sanctions also increase animosities, resulting into larger spending on defense which means bigger government. This is a reason why corporate media could not stop condoning the embargoes and sanctions. Big corporations and defense contractors can then get in bed with big governments to reap the rewards of tensions, at the cost of tax payers. While small businesses, farmers and average citizens lose with these embargoes and sanctions, big corporations and governments get all the benefits. Poor get poorer and rich get richer, increasing income gap and inequality in any given society.
There is nothing wrong in accepting a mistake and correcting it, as soon as the mistake is realized. Let’s just start a new era of non-intervention, freedom of choice, mutual respect and self-determination. Stop sacrificing smaller and poor nations for our own interests. Usher into a new period of intervention free global markets. Let us all help each other in building a better world. A world in which all of us benefit from the fruits of global labor. Let the benefits of research and development, creativity and innovation, and entrepreneurship flow freely across the borders. Let all of us evolve into a new global community of coercion free trade partners.
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