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[Crow Business] Policy updates and reminders. PLEASE READ. : asoiaf

Phone Cards

Fellow Crows,

We maesters have noticed a swelling of our ranks. By year’s end we expect to break 100,000 Crows on duty at The Wall. Just over a year ago we had 30,000. This is unprecedented growth for /r/asoiaf and as such we need to review some of our policies.


We would like to remind you that the downvote button is not a “disagree button”. If someone posts a theory or comment that you disagree with, reply and explain why.

Downvotes are not for factual mistakes. If someone makes a mistake just post a reply correcting them.

Does this mean you should never downvote? No! downvote posts and replies that contribute nothing to the thread/subreddit. This means anything off-topic, offensive or irrelevant to whatever is being discussed. All good rangers should utilize the report button to notify us maesters of any major rules violations, too.

Spoilers and Thread Titles

The popularity of Game of Thrones has seen a boom of A Song of Ice and Fire fandom making the series more popular than ever before, with new readers picking up the books every day. With this in mind /r/asoiaf strives to be welcoming to all readers. Whether they have read the series half-a hundred times, recently finished the series for the first time or haven’t even begun the prologue of A Game of Thrones. Everyone is welcome here.

To this end we kindly ask that you familiarize yourself with our spoiler policy and our policy on thread titles.

The spoiler scope does not indicate which book you’re talking about. If you want the discussion to encompass all the books ut your topic is about ASOS, the scope should be Spoilers All and not Spoilers ASOS. The only time this doesn’t apply is if you’re currently reading. In that case, your spoiler scope will likely be the book you’ve just finished reading.

A reminder, spoiler tags for thread titles should be used exactly as they are written in the link above. This means that there should be no inclusion of qualifiers like “possible”, “probably”, “maybe” or “potential”. Spoiler tags set the scope of a discussion, rather than take a vague guess at predicting it. This extends to adding queston marks ? or any other qualifier. Please use the tags exactly as they are written in the FAQ.

Our Community is Growing

Furthermore we ask you to remember that readers who are not yet finished, or even, begun the series be welcome here. This means absolutely no asking/telling/”advising”/demanding that readers who have not finished the series avoid or leave /r/asoaif. Any comments which do so will be removed and treated as a violation of our Civility Policy (AKA the Don’t Be A Dick Policy).

Violations of this policy may result in a ban, depending on the severity of the infraction(s).

New Material Means a New Spoiler Tag

New ASOIAF material is coming on December 3rd with the release of The Princess and the Queen in the short story collection Dangerous Women. With this in mind we are introducing a new spoiler tag [Spoilers PQ] which will encompass all published material (the five ASOIAF books, the three Dunk and Egg Novellas and The Princess and the Queen). This tag will not encompass material from The Winds of Winter.

Thank you for reading.

Your humble servants,

The Maesters of /r/asoiaf

via [Crow Business] Policy updates and reminders. PLEASE READ. : asoiaf.


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