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A Republican, Democratic constitution of United States, generated a political system which was very different from all the existing and previous political systems, in many ways. For the first time in history, a country, officially recognized that it is owned by it’s people, by starting it’s constitution with the phrase, “We the people”. The whole constitution, is a spread of idea that government is just an entity, to which are delegated certain powers, by the owners of this country, people. The purpose of government is not to rule, but, to serve the people. What meant was that like any other authoritarian or dictator, no one could snatch the power, and start telling people that they all are idiots, and him and his colleagues are the only smart people in this country. Hence, they are going to dictate every thing, as per their wishes and judgment, and everyone is just going to follow their line. This is the reason why, president, members of congress, court judges, members of armed forces, and law enforcement are required to take an oath to protect, preserve and defend the constitution. It is just an evidence of their moral bankruptcy that they get elected and appointed, on the basis of this constitution, take oath to defend it and , and then call it a two hundred years old document, which has lost it’s relevance. Mr. president, the day constitution looses it’s relevance, you loose your relevance as the president of United States, too.

Unfortunately, this trend has been going on for a while, and has, for the most part, gone unchecked. It has come to a point, where, some of the people are calling constitution, a piece of paper. You idiots! You do not understand that this is the greatest document ever written. It created the first, ever, real Democracy in the world. It made peaceful transfer of power, possible, for over two hundred years, and counting. It created a country, a nation and a system, which became the world’s wealthiest and the most powerful, within two hundred years of it’s existence. It, for the first time, made government realize that every person has certain inalienable rights. It provided a framework which protected these rights for a long period of time.

Our constitutional concepts that every individual has certain inalienable rights, that country belongs to the people, government is servant to the people, and the incredible balance of power between three branches of government, are the real strengths of this country, of this nation, and of this system. What Obama calls the inability of congress to act, is actually one of the major restrictions, put on executive authority. Obama’s ideal America would be a country, in which president has totally uncontrolled, dictatorial powers, and no one including congress, courts, media and people, would be in his way. In his way, congress, even if it has a right to exist, must always rubber stamp the ordinances from his majesty, right away. That will be, in his view, the congress’s ability to act.

With all due respect, Mr. president, this is not the way, it works here, in United States of America. This is not the way, it is supposed to be in a constitutional, democratic, republic. You are an elected president, not a king. Your power and authority is not unlimited. It is limited by a constitution. You have no constitutional authority to legislate. You just have the authority to sign into law, the legislation passed by congress. All your actions are constitutionally, under the scrutiny of courts. If anything you do is declared unconstitutional by a court, it is no longer, valid. Media has the rights to uncover your secrecy and plug the corruption in your government. People have the right to know about everything you do.

If you consider this system of checks and balances, as inability to act or inertia, I am sorry to say, you are not fit for this job. As the president of United States, you must be able to respect the elected members of congress, court judges, media and the people of this country. It is your job to get along and take them along with you. Unlike a king, you cannot declare that if we dumb asses do not follow you, exactly, and right away, then we are somehow lazy and don’t want to do anything.
In my view, as the president of United States, you must be crazy, to even suggest something like that. This former professor of law is turning out to be even dumber then George Bush. You may know a lot about constitution, but, you certainly don’t care about it, at all. I do not remember that in spite of his well known stupidity, George Bush ever did or say, anything dumber then this. You and vice president, do not have any constitutional authority to bypass the congress and act at your own. I am making a very obvious argument, but, don’t know if your little mind can accommodate it. Millions of Americans, who you thinks are dumb and senseless, can, and do understand this, easily.

My dear friends! It is the strategy of liberal media that they portray anyone in the way of their liberal agenda, as stupid. So that you are ashamed to show your support to that person and as the supporter of that person, you could be labeled as an idiot, too. This shatters your confidence in yourself, in your ideas, in your philosophy of life, in your ideology, in your leaders. On the other hand, media portrays liberals as the only smart people on the surface of planet Earth. This makes it hard for you, an average American, to publicly oppose them. It makes you think, if you oppose this smart person or this smart idea, you will be considered an idiot, too. Stop falling for this trap from liberal pundits. Obama is not an extra-ordinarily intelligent person. People defending the constitution and our constitutional rights are not idiots. Obama and liberal argument, “more guns, more violence”, is totally nullified by Switzerland.

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