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Choose Your Own Device (CYOD) Solutions

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An Insight Mobility, Network & Security Solution

The Business Evolution

Mobile technology – from laptops to smartphones and tablets to e-readers – has changed how we do business. The consumerization of mobile devices means every user has a unique mobile demand. The ability to work from anywhere – at – any time, productivity gains from continuous access, and potential capital cost savings are major catalysts of support from both employee and management.

CYOD: The Managed Alternative to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

CYOD bridges the gap between employee choice and IT’s need to manage and secure the organization. CYOD enables you to offer your employees a choice of company approved devices with the appropriate security and standardization. It can help you easily manage the deployment of multiple device options with the right configurations. CYOD also provides an alternative to Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). And since BYOD comes with its own unique set of challenges; security concerns, access issues, legal questions, multiple devices and data ownership, we are confident we can make CYOD work better for you and your business.

How Insight Can Help

Meet the Experts

Learn from Ben Nemeth, Sales Engineer and Marcie White, VP Product Marketing how CYOD is a better alternative to BYOD for you and your business.

Watch the Webinar

Insight combines the solutions, services, technologies and online capabilities to enable you to execute an efficient and secure CYOD strategy. From planning, deployment and management to refresh we have solutions and services for each that fit your organization’s requirements.

CYOD Workshops

Insight Services for CYOD CYOD Portal

Integrate procurement and deployment

Devices and Technology

Putting it All Together

Insight CYOD Workshop

Insight Services for CYOD

Our CYOD Workshop is designed specifically to help technology professionals develop a roadmap to link your company’s strategic initiatives to the relevant technology solutions. The technology roadmap helps your company adapt its business around the current mobile technology.

We begin with pre-visit discovery to identify your strategic business objectives. During the on-site session, Insight will map your current business initiatives to your current IT projects—identifying gaps and sequencing issues— and then compare your approach with industry best practices.

The deliverables include a co-developed roadmap to successfully incorporate CYOD and Mobility components and recommended services that can help you best execute your strategy.

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