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Checking Criminal Records / Checks

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Checking criminal records is absolutely what you want to do, for the sake of your company, at the time of hiring. It is very important from personal relationships point of view, too, specially, if you are planning to build a long term relationship with a person you never knew before. Contrary to most Hollywood movies, in which you can tell right away at the first glance, who is the absolute evil and who is the absolute good, it is definitely not that easy in real life. In real life, there is nothing like absolute evil or absolute good. That is why, criminal records checks are so critical in hiring and relationship building processes. 

Checking criminal records is an easy way to identify the predominant personality traits and characteristics. Most people just fall somewhere in between that absolute good and absolute evil Hollywood model. We all are the flowers of different colors, shapes, sizes, fragrance and breed in the garden of life. We all are a unique combination of good and bad, right and wrong, likeability different standards, beliefs and preferences. Unlike most Hollywood characters, we cannot be easily classified into absolute good and absolute bad. The easiest way to differentiate are the criminal records checks

Usually, it’s just the relative proportion of certain qualities that tips us this way or that way. Our likeability also depends upon other persons subjective feelings and perceptions. You may hate a person, madly loved by someone else or other people. We commonly see this in opinion polls about popular political figures. One group of people may madly in love with a political figure while, other group may not even want to hear his or her name. Michael Jackson, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama and Sarah Palin are few good examples. This is commonly observed in Hollywood and sports related scandals. One group of people truly believes that Charlie Sheen is a bag of trash, while others may say do not target him for his personal and private life. This is also seen in popular scandals like, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant, and Roethlesberger. Some people absolutely hate them for what they presumably did, while others think they were just targeted for being rich and famous. 

On a smaller scale this may or may not be true in hiring and firing and building and breaking the relationships. Some characteristics may or may not be acceptable for the prospective employer or relative. Other characteristics may be more universally acceptable or unacceptable. Criminal record is one of those. Most employers do not want to hire or most people do not want to build a relationship with someone having a criminal record, unless we are talking about a criminal organization or a person who is himself or herself a criminal. In those case, a criminal is who they may be looking for. A criminal record may become a positive characteristic in those cases. 

So, this is all about your own, or your company or organization’s perspective. Generally speaking, and in usual terms, a criminal record is bad thing. You don’t want to risk everything you or your business owns by hiring a criminal or being in relationship with a criminal. Criminals could be serious direct threat to yourself, your family, your business, your employees and your customers. A criminal employee can turn around anytime and physically harm you, posing threat to your body, health, wealth and even life. He or she can cause you bodily, mental or psychological injury, permanent disability, financial damage, resulting into a consequence as worse as bankruptcy, or you may even get killed. They can threaten your family, friends, neighbors, relatives, employees and customers, seriously damaging your reputation and the reputation of your business. You may or may not be responsible, directly or indirectly for any of these possible consequences of having a criminal on board. The responsibility may be financial or legal or both. 

Criminals can also cause financial damages by doing things like stealing, embezzlement, frauds, ponsy schemes and deception. These things may cause direct  and / or indirect damage to you, your business  and / or your clients. These may also result into a permanent damage to the reputation of your business. They may also cause frivolous and expensive law suits. 

Personal relationships with criminals have resulted into physical and psychological trauma, financial loss, loss or damage to property, serious damages to credit history, including bankruptcies, even death, beside many other possible consequences. There have been countless instances in which the innocent relatives end up on streets, jail, psychiatric clinics, hospitals and even morgues. You and / or your business may have to carry the taboo for the rest of life, if you and / or your business survive the trauma. There have been instances in which women continued to live with a criminal, in spite of warning signs and  / or knowledge of his crimes, and finally lost their lives. In many cases women would tell that they are living with this criminal, in spite of all the risks involved, because she love him or vice versa or both love each other. But, if you do the in depth analysis, it is usually a financial dependence, gain or rewards that make or force women to keep living with these monsters, until they lose their lives, in many cases. Sometimes fear and / or threats may also be a factor. Sometimes, a business relationship may also be involved in these abusive relationships. For example, the woman may be a prostitute and man may be pimping for her. In many case the abusive relationships are formed to provide cover from excessive laws. For example, a woman in an incestual relationship may be forced to hide behind a fake relationship with another man who in turn may physically and / or psychologically abuse her or even ultimately kill her. Social taboos, also, frequently force people to hide behind fake relationships that may turn into abusive relationships. Gays and lesbians often live with opposite sex individuals, just to hide their sexual identity and this other individual may be black mailing them in the form of physical, psychological and / or financial abuse.

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