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CFL BC Lions vs Calgary Opener Preview with Expert Picks

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by Skyler D • June 28, 2013 • 0 Comments

CFL BC Lions vs Calgary Opener Preview with Expert Picks

The second of the Friday Night Football Double Header on Kick Off Week Here in the CFL between the BC Lions vs Calgary Stampeders in a battle between the two heavyweights of the West Division.

The BC Lions were the best team in the regular season last year, but failed to make it to the Grey Cup after winning it 2 year ago.  They are looking to get back to the top after I think watching the game on television, wasn’t that much fun.  They have a tough task in the opening game to beat Calgary at home.

The Calgary Stampeders on the other hand lost in the grey cup last season to the Toronto Argonauts, and I am a little bitter as I had them in the Grey Cup and still don’t understand how they lost that game.

New Season and after a crazy game last night in Winnipeg, these two teams should be fired up and ready to go in which should be a fantastic battle, of possibly the two best teams in the league.

BC Lions vs Calgary Opener Game Odds

Odds are from Bet 365 Sportsbook

They are one of the sponsors of the CFL as I have seen their signs in various CFL Stadiums.

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BC Lions vs Calgary to Win the Game

(Doesn’t have to be by 4 like on Sport Select who ever wins, wins)

BC Lions 2.35 Odds

Calgary Stampeders 1.64 Odds

BC Lions vs Calgary Point Spread

BC Lions +3.0 Points 1.90 Odds

Calgary -3.0 Points 1.90 Odds

BC Lions vs Calgary Over/Under

Over 52.0 Points 1.90 Odds

Under 52.0 Points 1.90 Odds

Skyler Dyck’s CFL 2013 Season Expert Predictions

I am excited to predict at a very high percentage once again this year, and make myself and anyone who takes my advice some extra money on the side.  I predicted in the 80% range for Point Spread a couple years ago and don’t really ever recall have a losing season.

I will predict all 3 Point Spread/Straight Up/Over/Under to the Best of my Ability and Keep track all season long.

Last Night Predicted the Winner, The Spread Correctly and the Over/Under wrong it was a tough game since it was the opener, I thought it could go either way and was on the right side of who wins.

BC Lions vs Calgary Predictions

(To Win Game 1-0 Record) Calgary to Win 1.64 Odds

(Point Spread 1-0 Record) Calgary -3.0 Points 1.90 Odds

(Over/Under 0-1 Record) Over 52.0 Points 1.90 Odds

I like Calgary at home and I expect this game to be a shootout in Calgary I might take Under if this game was in B.C but it isn’t so my favorite bet of the day is actually over 52.0 Points in this game.  It’s close but I am going with the Home team tonight.

Enjoy the 2013 CFL Season and Let’s Win Big Together

via CFL BC Lions vs Calgary Opener Preview with Expert Picks.


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