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Caterpillar in the News

We are proud of our role as the leader in building the world’s infrastructure and in enabling progress for millions of people around the globe. Here is a glimpse of our company.


A Supertrak SK 140RTL Wheel Loader quickly took down a 12-foot tall palm tree with a 6-inch diameter trunk, and then mulched the trunk, palms and stump into nickel-sized chips at Hollinswood Ranch in Citrus County, Fla. To view a video, click here. 

Without pausing, Dixie Hollins, owner of the 1,600-acre ranch and operator of the SK 140RTL, continued clearing trees and underbrush. Controlling understory and undergrowth is a time-consuming challenge at the sprawling timber, cattle and mining business.

"We’re in an area where we can’t do a lot of controlled burning," Hollins said. "This machine enables us to control the underbrush for fire control and dispose of it quickly. The machine enables me to manage the forest, and removes the risk of wildfires. It’s amazing how much underbrush I can remove in a short time."

Supertrak is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) that utilizes Cat® bodies and components to manufacture specialty machinery. The Cat 908H2 Wheel Loader that becomes an SK 140RTL arrives at Supertrak as a complete Cat 908H2.

"It’s basically a complete machine, then we remove the engine and the cooling/AC package," said Tom King, president and general manager of Supertrak in Punta Gorda, Fla. "At that point, we convert the machine to a Supertrak machine using the base chassis, which is modified to support the 140 horsepower engine and enhanced cooling/AC capability.

Supertrak staff installs a Cat C4.4 ACERT engine, as well as the standard Cat propel and implement pumps and hydraulics. A custom pump for mulching and auxiliary hydraulic applications is also added.

"The base unit is basically Caterpillar designed," King said. "The back of the cab is Supertrak designed. In order to contain the 140 horsepower and hydraulic cooling, the engine compartment has been designed by Supertrak. In brush cutting and mulching, there is high dust and high debris, so we add a pre-cleaner and a pre-cleaner guard to purify air intake and manage the dust and debris."

In addition to the high revolution cutting head, Hollins utilizes a bucket for loading material for roadwork and a variety of other jobs, as well as a grapple for debris piling and removal.

"This machine is vital to my business. It’s very versatile," Hollins said. "It will trim tree branches, cut down trees—just about anything that you want to do with it."

Supertrak machines are sold through Cat dealers across the country, and directly from the manufacturer in some regions of the country, King said. One of the benefits of selling through the Cat dealer network is that Supertrak machines can be serviced at Cat dealerships.

"The machines are 80 percent or more Cat product. They carry a warranty through the Caterpillar OEM Solutions Group that includes parts and labor," King said.

Supertrak produces numerous machines—ranging from 140 hp to 450 hp—all developed and marketed in cooperation with the Caterpillar OEM Solutions Group. Supertrak also produces custom machines, including a 140 hp wireless, non-operator carrier and wireless machines for military operations.

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