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Fed, Banking Regulations, Capital Flow, Crisis, Part 19

This article analyzes the Federal Reserve System, deficit financing, government backed bonds and securities, paper money, budget deficits and sovereign debt, in the light of experience of Great Recession of 2008-2009. Explores the history of the formation of Fed. Uncovers the partnership between big banks and government, in the form of Federal Reserve System. Explains, how Fed is responsible for repeated bubbles, deficits, and credit and debt crises in our economy.

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Get Mad! Country Going Down, Part 5

This is the fifth in a series of articles, regarding U.S. debt, deficit and recent, unprecedented, credit downgrade by Standard and Poor's. Examines the economic, financial and fiscal policies, and successes and failures of president Obama in these sectors.

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Get Mad! Country Going Down, Part 2

This is second articles in the series on causes and factors behind current U.S. debt crisis and credit downgrade by Standard and Poor. This piece of work focuses on president George H. W. Bush, his presidency and time. Highlights the positive and negative long term effects of his policies on Economy and finances.

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Osama Bin Laden And Pakistan, Part 1

This article provides a in depth and historical analysis of U.S. - Pakistan relations and Pakistan's role in global war on terror. Article analyzes the global political, economic and financial issues related to this topic. It draws the bigger and whole picture of the issue, as opposed to the tunneled and narrow view presented by most media and politicians.

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When a Society Mistrusts Their Government

Trust is one of the key facilitators that allows a government to prosper, as it is the trust invested by voters that brings a regime into power and enables them to serve the needs of a society. Where this trust becomes diminished, there is a severe danger that citizens will become cynical towards the government and political function as a whole, and create an environment where every political movement is viewed with mistrust and apprehension. It is not only government and politicians who contribute to this situation however, as modern and new media types play an increasingly significant role in the forming of opinion and political viewpoint. With the online revolution and the subsequent explosion of news websites on the World Wide Web, there are a vast number of daily bulletins and articles for a user to absorb. The competitive nature of these sites and their output can occasionally take hold however, and see content that is published with a view to generating interest rather than educating the reader. This can lead to a situation where stories that cover a similar topic are published on different sites, and contradict each other both on the basic facts and the subjective view of their individual writer. Mistrust for Political Powers Senator Jon Kyle's assertion concerning Planned Parenthood and their function was at the heart of recent controversy, as he claimed that abortions accounted for 90 percent of their overall work. However, as this figure was vehemently disputed and revealed to be closer to 3 percent than Mr Kyle's original suggestion, his office rallied to issue a support of his actions. They claimed that his words were 'not intended as a statement of fact', and caused a public and media outcry that has resonated since. Mr Kyle has subsequently become the subject of much political discussion and satire, and prompted a serious debate as to the integrity of political assertions in the contemporary age. If his words, issued through CNN and with the purpose of making a serious argument to reduce the organizations federal funding, were not intended to be factual then it is very difficult to understand their exact relevance. More likely, it appears that he has made an ill informed and generalized statement in the belief that there would be no significant consequence.

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