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The US as a Declining International Force

Traditionally, the US has been revered as one of the most significant national influences across the globe, especially in terms of international affairs and trade. For decades it has led the way in terms of innovative technology, financial growth and cultivating democratic relations with other countries, often with positive and generative effects. However, as the country enters a period of domestic turbulence, there are increasing concerns that itโ€™s influence is diminishing, and that the resident government is stretched too far in attempting to resolve home and international issues.

Resolving Recent International Issues

This is an interesting concept, and poses a question as to whether the nationโ€™s government are caught within a disruptive cycle of indecisive and poorly directed rule. In this instance, this means that the nations governorโ€™s are suffering a collective crisis of confidence in their principles and methodology, and perhaps attempting to meet one challenge too many to restore their sense of self and relevance. For example, the US continue to immerse themselves in international affairs and turbulence concerning Egypt and Libya, while domestic protests and economic issues have continued to spiral and have a negative impact on society as a whole.

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