This article analyzes the situation in Korean peninsula, it’s historical background and possible solutions. Sheds light on the true effects of economic sanctions, being repeatedly imposed by U.N. Security Council. Brings into focus the the related issues of balance of power, global interests and concerns. Balances the equation between U.S., China, North Korea and Japan. Evaluates, in detail, the role of China and it’s causes. Part played by ideological conficts and post Korean war tensions, is discussed, too.

This article analyzes the issues surrounding nuclear proliferation. Discusses the arguments of deterrence and national security. Criticizes the sense of entitlement and privileges of being big, powerful and rich. Emphasizes that the equality among nations and countries is key to resolution of issues. Points out to the fact that non-proliferation and disarmament are strictly tied together. Sheds light on fact that all involved parties must be treated with respect and dignity. Only possible ends to the problem are either everyone has nuclear weapons or no one, with of course first option being extremely disastrous.

This article provides the historical background for political war in Asia, which we are losing rapidly. Tells us, why our policies towards, North Korea, Iran and Pakistan are an utter and complete failure. Points out to the recent, important and dangerous developments in Asia. Emphasizes the need and reasons for drastic changes in our policies, specially in Asia. Sheds light on the false blame game being played in media, by our policy makers, in past and in present. Brings into focus, the links between changing global economy and finance, and flipping balance of power.

This article analyzes the under cover and covert operations of terrorism, executed by CIA, Al-Qaeda, Taliban and other extremist groups, in Pakistan, United States and other countries around the world. Explores the missing links in media reports and political propaganda. Highlights the agony of Pakistan and Pakistanis, suffering from this chaos, which is basically a result of radical war against Soviet invasion on Afghanistan. Builds up credible timeline in between events, their cause and consequences, as opposed to main stream media and politicians.

This article analyzes, in depth, the issues of wars, national budget deficits and debt, policing of world and new world order. Highlights the grave and real consequences of imperialistic policies. Shows, how the downfall of empire is inevitable, if the current senseless policies are continued, maintained and not changed. Effectively proves that Barack Obama is just as a disappointment and utter failure, as George Bush. Brings into focus the fact that both major parties work for same lobbies and serve the save special interests.

This article is eleventh, in a series on the candidacy of Libertarian candidate for president of United Sates, in 2012 presidential elections, Gary Johnson. It evaluates, in depth, the culture of secrecy surrounding the big and tyrant governments. Discovers, how secrecy is always preceded by corruption and leads to even more corruption. Highlights the role of corporate media and the politicians, controlled by lobbies, in this destructive behavior. Finds, out, why both major political parties, Republican and Democratic, are totally hopeless, in this situation.

This article performs an overall analysis of libertarian ideas, in the light of Libertarian candidate for president of United States, in 2012 presidential election, Gary Johnson’s candidacy. Compares it with other two, so called, mainstream ideas, being proposed by democratic Party Candidate and incumbent Barack Obama and Republican challenger, Mitt Romney. Shows that both Republican and Democratic party ideas are rhetoric of same old failed ideas, while Libertarian ideas are based on common sense and provide real solutions to real problems.

This article analyzes Republican primaries in Texas, to be held on May 29, 2012, along with two other large states, California and New Jersey. Texas has 155 delegates, while California has 172 and new jersey has 50 delegates, for the grab. Texas has an open primary, which favors Ron Paul, because he has lots of support from independent voters, critically important for any major party to win general elections. Candidates receive a number of delegates, which is proportional to the votes they get. This does not favor Ron Paul, if he wins, because, he is lagging behind in race for delegates, so far.

This article discusses the democratic principles and freedom of information in the light of recent protests in Malaysia, for fair elections. Deeply analyses Malaysian political and election processes and compares it with United States and other democratic countries. Digs out the inherent risks and hazards involved in restrictions on access to information. Uncover the causes of widespread, global corruption in governments and corporations. Identifies the democratic principles these restrictions deny and answers why?

This article analyzes the theoretical, philosophical and scientific bases for violent crimes. Focuses on the wave of global terrorism and rise in violent crimes. Tries to find the links between these crimes and various proposed and proven factors behind these crimes. Digs out the various probable and possible solutions. Explores the links between violent crimes and economic crisis, disparity and widespread corruption in global systems. Explains why really and factually equal opportunities and privileges are vital to the survival of nations, countries, civilizations, cultures and ideologies.

This is the fourth and final in this series of articles and concludes discussion regarding concerns in western world, about safety and security of Pakistan’s nuclear technology, assets, weapons and facilities and foreign policy elements on this issue. Emphasizes the value of mutual trust in relationships. Brings into focus the other side of picture, as well, mostly hidden from Western, specially American, audience.

This article is the second and last on this series on loss of life, money and property in U.S. wars. Discusses in datail the pros and cons of these adventures. Highlights the the fact that we, in fact, continue to lose, as opposed to getting anything out of these. Brings into focus the the arguments provided in the favor of these costly missions, by United States government and other involved parties.

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