Global Recession: Causes, Consequences, Fixes, Part 1

It is now a historically proven fact that depressions and recessions are regular happenings in capitalist economies, including U.S. economy. In this series, we are going to examine the causes of various recessions and depressions, their consequences and fixes that worked, keeping politics and ideology aside.

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Get Mad! Country Going Down, Part 11

This is eleventh in a series of articles on national debt, budget deficits and U.S. credit downgrade by Standard and Poor's. Series provides a very wide and in-depth historical perspective. This particular article emphasizes on the evolution of economic and political ideologies.

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Religion Strikes Back, Attention Please!

This article analyzes the religion and ideologies, and their impact on individuals and societies as a whole, in the light of tragedy and massacre in Norway. Compares Liberalism with religious ideologies, in a historic perspective. Discusses the pros and cons of freedoms offered by liberalism and restricted by religions.

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