This article analyzes Republican primaries in Texas, to be held on May 29, 2012, along with two other large states, California and New Jersey. Texas has 155 delegates, while California has 172 and new jersey has 50 delegates, for the grab. Texas has an open primary, which favors Ron Paul, because he has lots of support from independent voters, critically important for any major party to win general elections. Candidates receive a number of delegates, which is proportional to the votes they get. This does not favor Ron Paul, if he wins, because, he is lagging behind in race for delegates, so far.

This article analyzes the current elections process and political system in United States. Finds out, how much our system satisfy the requirements and demands of the golden principles like, government of the people, by the people and for the people and one person, one vote. Explores the need for reforms and offers sweeping reforms in our political system to tackle the problems of true representation, corruption, abuse of power, direct and indirect bribery and violations of constitution. Emphasizes on the need for an organized struggle and effort in this regard.

This article analyzes, in detail, the democratic process of elections in United States. Brings forward the pros and cons of existing system. Discusses the ever increasing role and importance of money in elections. Evaluates the point that system and people involved in it are progressively getting corrupted. Shades the light on fact that the people with less money are being disenfranchised by the system. It is literally becoming impossible to run an election campaign unless you are rich or represent the interests of rich.

This article analyzes the U.S. 2012 presidential elections, in the light of economic recovery, jobs, business growth, and financing and investment. Article discusses. in depth, the business investment environment and statistics in United States. In authors view, business investments are the most powerful indicators of growth and recovery. You, certainly cannot expect any sustainable job growth without a significant and stable increase in business investment activity, specially small business investments, which create the most jobs.

This articles analyzes the pros and cons of two party political system in United States. Brings into focus the fact that there are many third part and independent candidates, but, because big media does a total blackout of these candidates, major political parties totally disenfranchise them and because they do not have lots of corporate money to back themselves, their candidacy, campaigns and parties. a very small proportion of U.S. population actually knows about them. Their ideas, their manifestos, their programs, their messages and their campaigns do not even exist on big media.

This article analyzes the 2012 presidential election campaigns in United States, in the light of foreign policy, situation in Middle East, Iran and nuclear race, economy and money situation. Discusses the Mitt Romney’s proposal that he would not allow Iran to have nuclear weapons, under any circumstances and at any cost. Brings into focus the U.S. Iran war, proposed as a possibility by Mr. Romney, it’s consequences and effects on U.S.national interest and average American. Stresses on Ron Paul’s suggestion that we must stop policing the world, if not for constitution, then, for the sake of cost and money, at least.

This article analyzes Rep. Ron Paul’s candidacy for the president of United States in 2012. Brings into focus the constitutionality and common sense in Ron Paul’s agenda. Compares it with Mitt Romney and Obama. Finds out if it fits our current needs and can solve the major problems like national dent and budget deficits. Identifies the real causes of our deficits and finds out if Ron Paul has a solution for the factors causing so much debt to this world’s largest economy. Shades light on Ron Paul’s track record to see if he can be trusted on these issues.

This article discusses the democratic principles and freedom of information in the light of recent protests in Malaysia, for fair elections. Deeply analyses Malaysian political and election processes and compares it with United States and other democratic countries. Digs out the inherent risks and hazards involved in restrictions on access to information. Uncover the causes of widespread, global corruption in governments and corporations. Identifies the democratic principles these restrictions deny and answers why?

This article analyzes the theoretical, philosophical and scientific bases for violent crimes. Focuses on the wave of global terrorism and rise in violent crimes. Tries to find the links between these crimes and various proposed and proven factors behind these crimes. Digs out the various probable and possible solutions. Explores the links between violent crimes and economic crisis, disparity and widespread corruption in global systems. Explains why really and factually equal opportunities and privileges are vital to the survival of nations, countries, civilizations, cultures and ideologies.

This article analyzes the phones, cell phones, computers and voice mail, hacking scandal of News Of The World, a subsidiary of News International, owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation. News corporation owns many major news outlets in United States, too. These include, but not limited to, Fox News Channel, Wall Street Journal and New York Post. Rupert Murdoch’s, U.S. based, global media empire, is very well known for it’s sensationalism, conservatism, partial reporting, tabloids and yellow journalism.

This article concludes our discussion on the candidacy of Barack Obama, incumbent and Democratic party candidate for 2012 presidential elections. Analyzes the concepts and conflicting views of fairness. Evaluates U.S. taxation system. Brings into focus the causes and fixes of current crisis. Provides common sense reasoning to the argument. Appeals to everyday individuals, couple, households and families. Finds out why the current Tax code is fair or not? Concludes who should pay what and how much?

This is thirteenth article, in a series, evaluating the candidacy of Barack Obama, for 2012 presidential elections, in the light of the discussions and issues, regarding taxation and U.S. tax code. Highlights the major objections on tax code, from different segments of United States population. Brings into focus, the different solutions proposed by various experts and politicians. Stresses the immense need for reaching an amicable solution, as soon as possible. Tries to bring up a consensus between different warring and conflicting factions.

This article concludes our thirteen parts discussion on global recession, it’s causes, consequences and fixes. Focuses on what happened, what is happening and why, and how can it be fixed? Explores different available options and proposals, in depth. Shades light on why certain options are being preferred over the others. Discusses the influence of money, power, corporate owned big media and corporate lobbies on our politics, government, policy making and legislation. Draws out a workable plan for every American.

This article is heading our discussion on causes, consequences and fixes for global recession, towards conclusions. It summarizes the discussions in the previous eleven articles in this series. Makes conclusions on the evidence, facts and historical analysis presented in earlier articles. Provides a logical stream to overall discussion. Analyzes and compares the different approaches, points of view and proposals in this regard. Forwards definitive conclusion about what happened, why happened, what was done, what could have been done and what can be done?

This article analyzes the contributing factors, results and cures for economic and financial recessions, and depressions, with a special emphasis on fortieth U.S. president Ronald Reagan, his policies, achievements and failures. Digs deep into the ideological warfare between right and left, going on in United States and in the world, right now.

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