This article analyzes the option of voting for third parties. Discusses the arguments for and against the multiple party system. Brings into focus the importance of competition and availability of choice. Points out to the rampant corruption and cronyism in current two party dominance over our political system. Explains, how improved competition and more choices can change the situation. Appeals to the voters for voting in accordance with merit, not the affiliations.

This article performs an overall analysis of libertarian ideas, in the light of Libertarian candidate for president of United States, in 2012 presidential election, Gary Johnson’s candidacy. Compares it with other two, so called, mainstream ideas, being proposed by democratic Party Candidate and incumbent Barack Obama and Republican challenger, Mitt Romney. Shows that both Republican and Democratic party ideas are rhetoric of same old failed ideas, while Libertarian ideas are based on common sense and provide real solutions to real problems.

This article is the ninth, in a series, analyzing the candidacy of Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for president, in 2012 U.S. presidential elections. It provides a very broad and deep historical perspective to the evolution of money and trade, and government controls. Has a great criticism of monetary and fiscal policies. Effectively shows, how government regulations adversely effect the economy, in terms of devaluation of money, inflation, depressions, recessions and run-offs. Highlights the chain of events, in human history, leading to current dismal state of affairs.

This is the third article, in a series, on Libertarian Party candidate for 2012 presidential elections, Gary Johnson. Analyzes the notion that no third party can ever beat the two major political parties in United States, Republican Party and Democratic Party. Criticizes the notions, “This is not my problem” or “Does not effect me”. Highlights the role of big media and corporate lobbies in two party duopoly in U.S. political system. Explores the role of two party duopoly in the political mess, financial crisis and civil liberty infringements.

This article analyzes the candidacy of Gary Johnson, Libertarian candidate for president of United States, in 2012 U.S. presidential elections, former two times, term limited governor of New Mexico, popularly known as Mr. veto, who used his veto power, a record, 750 times, during his eight years, cut taxes fourteen times and never raised those. He is true Libertarian, who stands for the superiority of constitution, drug reforms like legalizing Marijuana, ending military wars and war on drugs, and bringing troops home, right now.

This article analyzes the candidacy of Gary Johnson, Libertarian Party candidate for 2012 presidential elections in United States. Gary Johnson is a two term Republican governor of New Mexico, 1995-2003. He was known as “Governor Veto’, because he vetoed over 750 pieces of legislation sent to him by state legislature for approval. He cut taxes 14 times in his 8 years as governor and never increased them. Yet, when he left office, his state was one of only four states in United States with a balanced budget, and even a surplus.

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