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When a Society Mistrusts Their Government

Trust is one of the key facilitators that allows a government to prosper, as it is the trust invested by voters that brings a regime into power and enables them to serve the needs of a society. Where this trust becomes diminished, there is a severe danger that citizens will become cynical towards the government and political function as a whole, and create an environment where every political movement is viewed with mistrust and apprehension. It is not only government and politicians who contribute to this situation however, as modern and new media types play an increasingly significant role in the forming of opinion and political viewpoint. With the online revolution and the subsequent explosion of news websites on the World Wide Web, there are a vast number of daily bulletins and articles for a user to absorb. The competitive nature of these sites and their output can occasionally take hold however, and see content that is published with a view to generating interest rather than educating the reader. This can lead to a situation where stories that cover a similar topic are published on different sites, and contradict each other both on the basic facts and the subjective view of their individual writer. Mistrust for Political Powers Senator Jon Kyle's assertion concerning Planned Parenthood and their function was at the heart of recent controversy, as he claimed that abortions accounted for 90 percent of their overall work. However, as this figure was vehemently disputed and revealed to be closer to 3 percent than Mr Kyle's original suggestion, his office rallied to issue a support of his actions. They claimed that his words were 'not intended as a statement of fact', and caused a public and media outcry that has resonated since. Mr Kyle has subsequently become the subject of much political discussion and satire, and prompted a serious debate as to the integrity of political assertions in the contemporary age. If his words, issued through CNN and with the purpose of making a serious argument to reduce the organizations federal funding, were not intended to be factual then it is very difficult to understand their exact relevance. More likely, it appears that he has made an ill informed and generalized statement in the belief that there would be no significant consequence.

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Is the Pace of Progress Jeopardizing Society?

One of the facets of contemporary existence is the fast and unchecked pace of technological and scientific progress, which has continued unabated through the last two decades. While this has created many advantages in terms of engineering solutions and the development of treatments for specific ailments, it has also had a tremendous impact in the methodology that individuals use to communicate and undertake daily chores. The benefits or otherwise of these practices are less well defined, and could in some cases to be detrimental towards society. While this ever quickening pace of advancement has undoubtedly delivered many positives towards the standard of living within the US, its nature is one that has the potential to leave may individuals in its wake. This is largely because the speed of its evolution creates a wide and cavernous gap between generations, especially with regards to the way that they interact and their perceptions of work, crime and other prevalent social issues. Subsequently, it is harder for parents to educate their children and instill relevant values in them. An Issue of Communication For example, if we consider the advent of social networking sites and contemporary media, then we see a mode of interaction that has developed vastly over the last decade or so. It is arguably the premier method of communication for most teenagers and young adults, and is becoming ever more influential as these sites are enhanced and improved upon further. While becoming increasingly relvant amongst youngsters however, its pace of progression has made it almost impossible for the elder generations to follow, resulting in a serious discrepancy to the understanding between parents and their children.

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Using the Internet as a Money Making Resource

If we are to believe recent financial reports and the information supplied by lending bodies, then 2011 is a year that is set to see individuals employ the lessons they have learned from the recent global recession. This involves several facets of responsible spending and saving, as people have adapted to the constraints of financial hardship and vowed to be better prepared should the instance arise again. However, individuals could go even further to improve their economic situation, by exploring online resources as opportunities to generate wealth. The unstoppable evolution of the internet as an informational and business resource is one that shows no sign of abating, with now more than 80 percent of US households hosting online access. One of the primary benefits of such a wide and instantly accessible media outlet is the diversity of money making ideas and opportunities that have been created, whether through online auctioning or small web based business ventures. Generating revenue from an online venture can be achieved through many activities, and can also be effective as either a sole source of income or a method of earning additional cash. Utilizing a Skill or Passion for an Online Venture Given the burgeoning amount of time that US citizens spend online each day, it would be logical to make the practice both generative and profitable. There are numerous benefits of attempting to sell or market a product or service online, as it can be done relatively cheaply and does not require vast financial outlays to support the activity. If citizens are serious about taking control of their finances and cultivating a process of fiscal prudence, then the internet offers them an opportunity to make their leisure time both productive and valuable.

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The Benefits of the Internet as the Premier News Source in the US

Recent studies and reports have suggested that the internet has now surpassed TV as the premier resource for news in the US. This trend is especially prominent amongst young adults in the country, with 65 percent of the 18-29 age demographic using the World Wide Web to keep informed of topical local and world events. This is an increase of 31 percent in the least three years, whereas the rate of this age demographic who cite television as their main news source has dropped 16 percent in the same period. Though this trend is most prevalent amongst younger adults, it is reflected across other ranges too. A significant 48 percent of citizens aged between 30 and 59 now regard the internet as their primary news source, whereas even the retired generation now cite online resources as their first port of call for current affairs. These statistics clearly show that the internet has surpassed television as the most significant media outlet, and also raises questions as to the validity of a largely uncensored entity providing news to the public. The Advantages and Otherwise of Internet News Resources There are both advantages and disadvantages to people using the internet to obtain their daily news bulletins. To understand these, it is important to comprehend the core differences between information that is provided to the internet and that which is displayed on television. The most important difference is that news can be sourced on the internet through a range of different sites and uncensored providers, whereas contrived television bulletins are carefully structured to deliver considered news and requisite opinion.

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News Search

This article reviews, compares and explains news search websites. Provides suggestions on how to search news on Internet, as per your own taste, preferences and personality. Makes news search easy and helps in finding the right news format from right source.

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