This article analyzes the current state of political affairs within United States, in the light of recent debt deal between White House and Congressional Republicans, lead by House speaker Mr. John Boehner. The only time in our history, debt breached the 100% of GDP was during world war two, followed by a gradual decline to less then 50% in early 60s.

This is the fourth and final in this series of articles and concludes discussion regarding concerns in western world, about safety and security of Pakistan’s nuclear technology, assets, weapons and facilities and foreign policy elements on this issue. Emphasizes the value of mutual trust in relationships. Brings into focus the other side of picture, as well, mostly hidden from Western, specially American, audience.

This article is the second and last on this series on loss of life, money and property in U.S. wars. Discusses in datail the pros and cons of these adventures. Highlights the the fact that we, in fact, continue to lose, as opposed to getting anything out of these. Brings into focus the the arguments provided in the favor of these costly missions, by United States government and other involved parties.

This article overviews the the stories of survival, strength, resilience, empathy and love, published in different media, on different occasions, with special emphasis on stories from Joplin, Missouri, after the destruction caused by deadliest tornado in U.S. history. Finds out, how important it is for us to possess the sense of belonging and community in our daily lives and during the disasters, like this one.

This article analyzes the enormous body of evidence, data, reports, research material and articles, in the favor of vastly accelerated climate change induced by human activity, in the light of recent ecological disasters. Provides a basis to think over and reach an informed conclusion, as opposed to the conclusions just based on, “what I heard.”

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