Get Mad! Country Going Down, Part 1

This article is the first part in a series of articles, analyzing in depth the causes and consequences of recent U.S. credit downgrade, from AAA to AA+ by Standard and Poor, first time ever in U.S. history. Provides a very broad based historical perspective to this discussion, debate, controversy, drawback and setback.

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Congratulations! Mr. Boehner and Gang

This article analyzes the current state of political affairs within United States, in the light of recent debt deal between White House and Congressional Republicans, lead by House speaker Mr. John Boehner. The only time in our history, debt breached the 100% of GDP was during world war two, followed by a gradual decline to less then 50% in early 60s.

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Debt Ceiling And U.S. Citizens

This article analyzes the threat of U.S. default, in the light of current political events and developments. Highlights the potential disastrous consequences attached to default. Tries to find out the reasons and causes behind current political deadlock. Digs out the role of corrupt politicians and media owners and executives in this dangerous situation.

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