Brexit: Truth And Consequences – YouTube

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Global Recession: Causes, Consequences, Fixes, Part 12

This article is heading our discussion on causes, consequences and fixes for global recession, towards conclusions. It summarizes the discussions in the previous eleven articles in this series. Makes conclusions on the evidence, facts and historical analysis presented in earlier articles. Provides a logical stream to overall discussion. Analyzes and compares the different approaches, points of view and proposals in this regard. Forwards definitive conclusion about what happened, why happened, what was done, what could have been done and what can be done?

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Debt Ceiling And U.S. Citizens

This article analyzes the threat of U.S. default, in the light of current political events and developments. Highlights the potential disastrous consequences attached to default. Tries to find out the reasons and causes behind current political deadlock. Digs out the role of corrupt politicians and media owners and executives in this dangerous situation.

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