Leadership, Crisis, Economy, Interference, Individuals, Partnerships,

This article analyzes the crisis of true and sincere leadership in United States, in the light of currently worsening domestic financial, and international relations crises. Exposes, how the centralization of power in few hands is corrupting and crippling our precious institutions.

Ukraine, Russia, U.S., Corruption, War, Aid

This article analyzes the crisis hitting Ukraine, in the light of currently mounting tensions between Russia and United States. Brings into focus the causes, and potential consequences and solutions for this very dangerous international conflict.

Opinion: Myopia or Lake of Comprehension

This article analyzes the issues of poverty and prosperity, in the light of ideological divide between Capitalism and Socialism. Provides a broad and deep, logical and historical context. Compares free market solutions with collectivist ideals.

Surveillance, Liberties, Terrorism, Government, Constitution, Attacks

This article analyzes the financial, economic, social and ethical cost of unending wars, in the light of recent massive U.S. government related surveillance scandals. Raises and amplifies some basic questions regarding the huge, overall mess created by this worrisome situation.

Saudi Arabia, Human Rights, U.S. Ally?

This article analyzes the the extremist and intolerant Wahhabi Islam, in the light of consistent human rights violation in Saudi Arabia. Provides a broad and deep historical perspective. Spells out the reasons for us looking away when it comes to the worst situation in that country.

Russia, Ruble, 2014, Indonesia, Rupiah, 1997

This article analyzes the rapid fall in value of Russian currency, Ruble, in the light of recent, deep fall in oil prices. Discusses the issue in terms of global economics. Explains, why better global cooperation in trade and less confrontation is better for the well-being of everyone.

Fed, Statements, Policy, Effects, Money, Markets

This article analyzes central banks, known as Federal Reserve in United States, in the light of growing debt and budget deficits in United States. Provides a deep insight into the money generation and printing process.

Government, Shutdown, Welfare, Cronyism, Taxes, Tyranny

This article analyzes the adverse social and economic effects of big government. Shows, how the increasing authority of big government leads to corruption, cronyism and tyranny. Points out to the fact that a big government must tax to death to fund its ever growing operations and needs.

Cuba, U.S., Trade, Embargo, Capitalism, Socialism

This article analyzes the benefits of friendship and cooperation, in the light of recent developments between U.S. and Cuba. Highlights the human cost of embargoes, sanctions and trade barriers. Discusses the need for tariffs and barriers free, global trade.

Pakistan School Shooting, Terrorism, Deaths, Loss

This article analyzes the ever growing problem of violence in our lives, in the light of recent sad incidences school shooting in Pakistan and shooting of people by police in United States. Explains, why governments should not have the rights, an individual can never have.

Fed, Monetary, Economy, Crisis, Debt, Unemployment

This article analyzes the effects of Keynesian and monetary policies on economic recovery process, in the light of current dismal, slow and prolonged recovery. Highlights the negative effects of market interventions before and after the crash.

Prohibition, Taxes, Coercion, Crimes, Laws

This article analyzes police violence on streets, in the light of current events in Ferguson and New York. Provides a broad and deep historical perspective. Clears the hype created by corporate media and corrupt politicians.

Capitalism, Financial, Profits, Losses, Bailouts, Dodd-Frank

This article provides a retrospective view of ongoing dismal recovery from 2007-2008 great recession, and compares it with alternative free markets, no intervention scenario. Highlights the adverse effects of artificial inflation maintained by liberal fiscal and monetary policies. Shows, why deflation is absolutely necessary for a quick and strong recovery from crash, in the times of crises. Discusses in details, the natural market correction mechanisms in free market Capitalism.

Voters, Government, Transparency, Data, Legislation, Execution

This article analyzes the transparency related to government operations, in the light of current initiatives to make this situation better. Emphasizes the fact that transparency is extremely important in the process of successfully running all democratic processes. Highlights the failure of corporate media in providing American citizens and voters, the high quality, timely, relevant and specific information, and the change Internet is bring in, for that matter.

Equality, Opportunities, Taxation, Incentives, Prosperity, Poverty

This article analyzes the issues of prosperity and poverty, in the light of inequality in our society. Explains the working and success of open and free markets. Exposes the factors distorting and destroying the free markets. Sheds light on problems created by government interference in free markets. Shows, how equality of opportunities and inequality of results ends up helping everyone involved and equality of results takes away the incentive, making everyone a loser.