Debt Ceiling, Deficits, Bankruptcy, Crisis

This article analyzes the debt ceiling issue, in the light of revenue versus spending debate, and the argument of fairness. Informs readers about, why the spending, and government size needed to be slashed, along with a temporary raise in debt ceiling. With the help of authentic stats and numbers, the article, effectively shows that we absolutely do not have a revenue issue. What we have is a serious spending issue. Sheds light on the fact that our tax code is already very unfair, and the recent tax hikes are going to make it even more unfair.

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Fiscal Cliff, Debt Ceiling, Spending

This article analyzes national debt ceiling issue, in the light of size of government, spending, annual budget deficits and sovereign debt. Chalks out the extremely dangerous spiral, government has been taking us to. Tries to wake up people from an over trust on corrupt, big and irresponsible government. Takes on the arguments presented by the proponents of big government, Barack Obama, for example, one at a time.

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Debt Ceiling And U.S. Citizens

This article analyzes the threat of U.S. default, in the light of current political events and developments. Highlights the potential disastrous consequences attached to default. Tries to find out the reasons and causes behind current political deadlock. Digs out the role of corrupt politicians and media owners and executives in this dangerous situation.

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