Big Corporations, Media, Lobbies, Political Parties

This article analyzes the root cause of rampant money, power and influence, and cronyism in our society. Challenges the commonly held and popular views. Provides feasible and common sense solutions. Explores the links between authority, secrecy and corruption. Points out to the nucleus of ever growing problems. Highlights the importance of self reliance, individual responsibility and constitutional rights, in the process of fixing these problems. Explains, why should we not have a big government.

Shutdown, Big Government, Economy, Effects, Causes

This article analyzes the issues associated with U.S. federal government shutdown. Raises the question, why is it such a big deal, even? How and why federal government’s shutdown causes so much trouble in our lives and economy? Constitutionally speaking, federal government was supposed to be very small and limited, with almost no direct effect on our daily lives and economy. Instead of that it has become a giant monster, which scares and harasses everyone, all the time. Why does federal government only creates problems, and never solves any of those?

G8, Taxes, Tyranny, Big Government, Singapore

This article analyzes the tyranny of taxes and big government, and compares it with low taxes and small government environments. Explores the inverse relationship between high government spending and unemployment. Finds out the reasons, why the big governments have been flourishing in Western countries. Digs out the relationship between politics of money and corruption. Explains the role of individuals in fixing these issues.

Obama, President, Responsibility, Big Government, Scandals

This article analyzes the causes and consequences of rampant government corruption. Points out the fact that corruption is a direct result of uncontrolled and ever growing authority. The size of government is now so big that even the most liberal people like president Obama are accepting the difficulties and pains in managing and controlling this monster. Engine of growth and prosperity are individual freedoms, not more regulations.

Tolerance, Big Government, Civil Liberties

This articles analyzes the current situation in United States, regarding tolerance and civil liberties, and the effects of money, politics, lobbies, media and corporatism, on it. Exposes the intolerably bad effects of two party dictatorship on our political system. Points out, why it is critically important, for every American, to get out the trap, built by both major political parties, with the help of their bosses in corporate media and lobbies, and start voting for third party candidates, even if they do not have lots of lobbies’ money and they cannot run big and fancy campaigns, filled with treachery and deceit.