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Calexico at Sydney Opera House (Sydney) on 22 Sep 2013 –

Ladies’ TaylorMade Golf Clubs at

With Tiny Ruins

Sunday 22 September 2013 at 8:00pm

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Sydney Opera House

Bennelong Point

Sydney 2000


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Tel: (02) 9250 7111


Melding Mariachi rhythms with deep-heated Americana, the indie-rock veterans break their three year silence for a scorchin’ Opera House debut of desert-noir beauty alongside haunting songstress Tiny Ruins (NZ).

Named after a border town of California, partners-in-crime Joey Burns and John Convertino have proved consummate purveyors of a panoramic Americana since their 1993 debut Spoke, sitting smack centre within a heart-on-sleeve community that has seen them collaborate with Willie Nelson, Nancy Sinatra and Iron & Wine (with their chart breakthrough In The Reins), perform alongside Glen Hansard & The Frames, Beirut and Wilco, and feature on the Emmy Award-winning Breaking Bad and PRI’s Ira Glass-hosted classic, This American Life. Armed with Burns’ folk-imbued lyrics and Convertino’s reputation as ‘one of the great contemporary drummers alongside Jim White (Dirty Three)’, the duo will let their sprawling catalogue loose with a five piece band featuring the ‘Miles Davis of Mariachi’ Jacob Valenzuela and the ‘Elvis of Spain’ Jairo ‘Depedro’ Zavala.

Upon the release of their critically acclaimed, New Orleans-inspired seventh studio album Algiers, Calexico professed their deep romance with the district it is named after; ‘a portal between North and South America, the old world and new world’. Now set to bring their cross-country chemistry to the Concert Hall Calexico will journey through an intimate evening of small-town storytelling, city-sized sound scapes and the rich traditions that have bound them together for 17 years and counting.

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