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Barack Obama: Immigration, Opportunity, Fairness

United States of America is the country of immigrants. We built the greatest country in world, by confluence of most talented, gifted, intelligent, qualified and creative people from every part of globe. Just have a look at any list of greatest achievers in American history and you will be surprised to see, how diverse it is. It includes Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Jews and every ethnic, religious, linguistic, cultural and national group you can imagine of. This is what makes us the greatest. This is the key to our national success and greatness. Unlike many other countries and nations in the world, we do not discard and waste the best talent and people. We cherish them and hold them as our biggest asset. That is how we gave birth to and owned Einstein, Edison, Henry Ford, Vanderbilts and Bill Gates. That is how we created GE, Microsoft, Google, GM and Apple.

Unfortunately, there has always been group in majority that has opposed and hated, every single new group in our population. These are very insecure people and under the influence of politicians sold out to lobbies and corporate media, easily get threatened by any growing and rising group within our minorities. Fears like, we will be in minority; these people will change our values and who we are; they are criminals; they are violent; they are corrupt. Politicians and media, tactfully, play with their baseless and ridiculous fears and get their own politics, and popularity and ratings contest going. Although, time and again, history has proven these fears are absolutely absurd. They had these fears about freeing slaves. We now have an African American president. They had these fears about Jews. They are now the backbone of our financial and entertainment systems. They had theses fears about Japanese and Germans. I remember the time when every terrorist in all Hollywood movies was a German. These Japanese and Germans are now the pillars of our economy and business. They had these fears about Italians. Italians, their culture and food are now an integral parts of our society. They have these fears about Muslims. I cannot even imagine, the existence of this world to be possible, if every follower of a religion, which is two billions strong around the world, was a terrorist. I remember what just two snipers did to Washington metro area.

Unfortunately, this fear and rage is now directed to our Hispanic population. There is no doubt that this community has issues related to their mostly new comer and growing status, and the poverty attached to it. They have a slightly higher crime rate. They have a slightly higher dependence on welfare. They may be a burden on our hospitals and healthcare system. But, as a matter of fact most of them are hard working, law abiding citizens. They are an asset to our country, nation and economy. While, now, we have Hispanics in president Obama’s cabinet, and Hispanic justices, and specially female Hispanic justice in supreme court, most of this community is doing the jobs which many of us are not inclined and reluctant to do. A very large proportion of housekeepers in most settings is Hispanic.

At the same time they own the largest proportion of small business start-ups in our country. Their highly valuable contributions to the society are adding up, to great extent, the taxes, jobs, businesses, rich culture, and hard working and law abiding citizens. If you give these issues, a serious look, you will take not time to conclude that fears attached to the growth and rise of Hispanic community, are identical to the fears and hate attached to the other growing and rising communities, in past.

It is unfortunate that millions of Hispanic-American kids are growing under the fear of deportations and millions of families have to live in shadows. This is not the way it is supposed to be im America. These American kids, deserve a fair chance, like any other kid in America. Plus, living in shadows has it’s own hazards and disadvantages. families have to accept the jobs that are far below their qualifications and needs. They and their kids have to live and grow in slums. They have to go to the worst schools. Adding inherent discrimination to it, traps this community into a vicious cycle of poverty and backwardness. Stemming from these problems could be the issues of crimes, drugs, violence, broken families and kids on street. This is exactly what happened to Blacks, Jews, Italians and Japanese and what is happening to Muslims, right now. We must understand that by limiting the opportunities for our own communities, we pull ourselves back as a nation and a country. No nation and country could do better, unless all of it’s parts are working good. Just like a car or any other machinery or engine could not work well, unless all it’s parts are well-oiled and working.
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By bringing these American families and kids out of shadows and awarding them ligitimacy, we can make this very essential component of our society, much better. They can be much better educated, far more healthy, very much productive, law abiding and tax paying citizens. People who are against keeping the kids of illegal immigrants should face the facts that we canot deport the miilions of them. We simply do no have that many resources and that much money. Plus, it will be extremely immoral to send these kids to a country and culture, they have no clue about.
I applaud president Obama, for taking this bold step. Unfortunately, when congress is totally engaged in extreme controversies and has totally failed to legislate and reform in a proper and needed fashion, president and executive branch of the country has to step up in a manner which does not violate the constitution. While executive branch cannot change or design a new policy which contrasts with currently effective legislation, it certainly has the room and authority to modulate and improve the practices, while remaining within the confinements of law.

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