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Barack Obama For President: Forward

Throughout the course of history, we have seen that the greatest nations and countries, fall into a ditch of problems, issues, division, financial bankruptcy and hunger and famine, because, the rich and powerful, people at the driving seat, controlling country and ruling the nation, forget what made them leader in world. Instead of working for the nation, country, individual, poor and needy, sick and disabled, they try to accumulate the maximum amount of power and wealth, at the expense of weak, poor and have-nots. We see them using all the weapons and available resources in order to achieve this goals of power, money, religion, suppression and exploitation. Repeatedly, time and again, we have seen the revolutionaries, reformers and prophets, who feel the pain of poor and needy, sick and disabled, powerless and poor, exploited and suppressed, helpless and depressed, stand up for them, risk their lives, fight for fairness and equality, restoration of rights and reform and change. Status quo and the people under their influence, who believed that they have already approached the pinnacle of growth and development, resisted hard and fast, every single one of them.

The battle between conservative, ones who want to conserve the current norms, traditions, system, society and laws, and liberals, people who realize that growth and development is an ongoing phenomenon; no one except God is perfect; we can, and must get better and improved, all the time, although we can never achieve the perfection; Stopping here is not a choice, if we want to survive and grow, we must keep moving forward to make this world better for everyone. This fight is timeless and going on since the inception of humanity and will continue, for ever. The fact that all the growth we see, experience the joy, right now, is not due to the people who wanted to stop this process of growth, development, getting better, improvement and moving forward, at certain point, under the deception that they have already achieved the best. All this growth and development is due to the people with greatest creativity, innovative power, revolutionary ideas, reformative ambition and a never ending, never satisfying, ever growing, more powerful and more intensive urge to move forward.

When Buddha gave the message of equality of all men and women and challenged the caste and class systems, people could not believe, how all men could be equal. How could they survive without having a well stratified society. For them, division and separation of human beings into different columns was perfectly natural. They strongly believed that a man is identified by his birth, not the deeds. For them character could not change the superiority or inferiority of a man.

When Moses challenged the status quo of Pharaohs of Egypt, they tried to kill him and his followers. He was able to run away and take refuge in desert, to grow a new generation of people, who challenged the suppressive kings and gave birth to a new chapter in human civilization and growth. The reason Pharaohs wanted to get rid of Moses and his followers, was that they didn’t want to give up the system, they thought has already perfected and the Moses’ ideas were too liberal, unacceptable and damaging to the society. They just could not understand, how could there be only one God, who created and runs the whole universe. It was beyond their imagination that Pharaohs could not be the gods.

When Jesus Christ gave the message of God, he was tortured and killed. His message was just too liberal, new, harmful to the society and status quo, and unacceptable. For them, it was so bad that he deserved to be killed. He had no right to live. Still the message of all these great revolutionaries and reformers survived and even after thousands of years, they have billions of followers around the world.

When Mohammed invited people towards one God and to do good to neighbors, family, relatives, women and kids, people thought he was insane. How could their traditions and beliefs of thousands of years be wrong? How dare he denied their way of living? They run a conspiracy to kill him and he had to leave his ancestral land, Mecca. Ten years later when he conquered Mecca, he forgave everyone, who tried to kill him and forced him out of homeland and Mecca was conquered without shading even a single drop of blood.
When Americans declared that they want to have a homeland, based on the principles of liberty and pursuit of happiness, status quo said, how dare you even think about freeing people from our control? A bloody war was started. Too many thought that they could never win over the world’s most rich, powerful and vicious empire. But, those people were ready to sacrifice every thing for liberty and freedom. Soon world watched the birth of nation, in which everyone was free to pursue even the wildest dreams of his own.
When Adam Smith proposed that markets are run by supply and demand and not by the kings and lords, people who hold the wealth and power immediately refused his ideas. They said, it’s us, who own the land, and people, and wealth, run the markets, not the ridiculous supply and demand. We are the supply and demand, because, we decide who gets what and at what price. We can increase and decrease supply and demand whenever we want. History proved, it is the people, who derive supply and demand, not kings and lords.
Hence, history shows us without a slightest doubt that in every society, nation and country, anywhere in the world have always had an inertia for change and moving forward. There has always been an element present which could not give up the old and outdated ideas and systems. They believe, what they already have is perfect and requires no change or modification. Although, we know, for sure, that nothing has ever been perfect and nothing will be. This is because of the reason that ever growing, changing and more and more complicating structures of societies, nations and countries, cannot be satisfied by old and outdated ideas, systems, laws, traditions and norms.

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