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Most people are expecting that 2012 presidential elections will be all about economy. Although, recession is technically over and economy is showing modest growth, the unemployment rate is still hanging around 9.0%. This economic downturn is unique in many regards. Usually in recessions, depressions and economic downturns, the prices fall, in the wake of weaker demand. That is not the case this time around. Of course, the situation is worst for the people who lost their jobs, who’s businesses went bankrupt and who are forced to be underemployed, by circumstances. But, the situation is getting worse even for the people who continue to be employed; who are still be able to run their businesses; who are still getting a steady income. Historically speaking, these people are usually better off, in the wake of falling prices and better buying power, during economic downturns. This time around, the price index keeps going up and real wages (value of the earned money) keep falling down. This is resulting into a serious drop in standards of living across the board, with the exception of may be very few richest people. Money is tight. People and families are making compromises on everyday needs, all the time.
So, it is not only the unemployed or under employed, who are feeling the crunch, everyone is. This seems to be against most commonly known economic principles of supply and demand. As a matter of fact, it is not. This is happening because of deficit financing. Yes, the money that we keep borrowing from China and other countries and the Dollars that we keep printing. Unfortunately, or I should say just as planned by rich and powerful corporate lobbies, the most of this borrowed money, that you and me are paying back, and our future generations will keep paying back, in the form of reduced value of Dollar and interest, did not go, and is not going to the people who really need and deserve it. Most of this money went to bailouts of multi-billion dollar corporations and banks, which screwed up the whole world economy. I mean, the irony of this matter is, if you and me screw up one dollar at work, we are very likely to get fired and even go to jail. But, these crooks did not get fired. None of them went to jail. They rather got rewarded, unconstitutionally, with trillions of dollars of tax payer and borrowed money, on which they have absolutely zero ethical and legal rights. Why? Because, the so called representatives of the people, who are actually corporate pimps and so called big media, who we, unfortunately, trust more then ourselves and our family and friends, made it look like, if we did not do that sky would have fallen on our heads.
We all and the whole world would have totally messed up. My question is, what could have been worse then what had already happened and what still continue to happen. Millions are still jobless and economic recovery is much slower then it should be. We are still generating jobs that are less then the addition and increase in adult population. So, in spite of so called job growth, the net number of unemployed people is going up. Only major difference between now and the otherwise situation without bailouts is that the elites, the criminal executives who effed up everyone else are not suffering. They got provided with so called golden parachutes, bought by our, the tax payer and borrowed money, which ultimately the tax payer has to pay back. These crooks do not even have to pay it back. Although they should have got fired and jailed.
I just do not understand this notion. Even if we accept that bailouts were necessary. Why bailouts have to be for the corporations that messed it up, in the first place. Isn’t it that whenever a bailout is done, we are told that it’s objective is to keep economy running and save us from disaster? Even if it is necessary, why can’t this be done by bailing out the tax payers? It is there money anyways! Instead of rewarding the corporation for mess up they did, this money could have been distributed back to tax payers. Two trillion dollars, for havens sake, divided by roughly hundred million tax payers equals 20,000 dollars per tax payer. If you have two tax payers in your household that is roughly 40,000 dollars per household. Just imagine, if every tax payer in U.S. had twenty thousand dollars extra? With twenty thousand dollars extra per tax payer, I believe, you can give a miraculous jump start to the economy Ethiopia. This is United States of America, my fellow Americans. With all that extra consumer spending and debt payments, we could have easily compensated for the lost jobs, debt pay-offs could have saved many banks and people living with less or paid off debts could have lived and spent much better in future. Would that have not jump started the economy and made it running?
What we have, now. Rich executives, corporation and banks got bailed out. Unemployment is still around nine percent. Debt is mounting and there are talks about more spending. Dollar is getting devalued. Inflation is rising, in spite of an economic downturn. Healthcare cost is skyrocketing. College keeps getting even more expensive. As a matter of fact now college education is so expensive that people, including many Economics and education experts, are even questioning the worth of college education.
Unfortunately, on the other hand, with the exception of Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich, the whole squad of Republican candidates is made of politicians who are already sold out to big corporations and their lobbies. None of them has any new and practical ideas and programs. They just keep repeating old, known and famous phrases from classical Economics books. Less government, less spending, less regulation. But, if you ask how? They have no clue. Only Gingrich and Paul answer some of these hows. Even their programs are not comprehensive. No one has shown in definitive terms and numbers, how they are going to cut horrendous budget deficits and pay-off the insane amount of national debt.

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