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Barack Obama For President 2012, Part 8








President has sent his budget proposal for fiscal year 2013 to congress. This budget outlines his vision for twenty first century America and has extensive proposals to repair country’s economy from the damages done by 2007-2008 great recession, European debt crisis, unrest in Middle East and hike in oil prices. President has a very difficult job of balancing budget, reducing debt and revive economy, at the same time, while fighting with Republican house of representatives on every single piece of legislation. Republican congress has known and proven history of creating worse deadlocks and obstructing the agenda of Democratic party president, in every possible way. They shut down the government during Clinton presidency and are continuously threatening to shut down the government now-a-days. I understand the difference of opinion. But, denying the elected president of United States, his right to rule, is a mockery democracy and an insult to American voters and citizens who elected him. It is unbelievable that in the country which is flag bearer of democracy, in world, this political party has totally given up the path to compromise and mutual understanding and respect. They are continuously and shamelessly labeling Democratic party and president Obama as anti-American and socialist, giving people impression that any compromise with them would be not in the interest of our country. Is this the way Democracy is supposed to work? Ask a middle school student. He or she is more likely to have a better understanding of democracy. Just for the sake of it, I asked my 12 year old son, “How do you think the decisions are made in a democratic government system. Is it my way or highway or by mutual understanding, talking and compromise”. He said, “My way or the highway is the way dictators and fascists make decisions! In a democratic form of government the decisions are always based on mutual compromise”. Can congressional idiots learn anything from kids like him?
Let me ask you this. Is Republican party ready for an even worse public retaliation then the one happened in 1990s after government shut down. They must not forget that American people are not stupid and they are watching, who is working hard for them and who is just doing the political bickering. This negative and destructive politics has got to the point where Republican are now openly and shamelessly rejecting even the president’s ideas and proposals which are traditionally considered as Republican, tax cuts, for example. Can you believe, Republican now cannot even agree with president’s tax cut proposals?
I understand the demands of politics. But, to remain in campaign mode 24/7/365 and put ideology before country and interests of American people? This is unforgivable and unacceptable.
My dear fellows, we are repeatedly hearing from president, the ideas to improve American economy and to improve the lives of American people. You may not agree with all of those ideas or some of those ideas. But, at least he is doing something and trying very hard. Don’t trust me. Just take a deep breath and try to remember or recall, when was the last time you heard something positive, constructive and problem solving was done by Republican house of representatives, instead of plat out no, no, no, no, no? Your most probable answer is, NEVER! That is why the congressional ratings are lying in single digits or lower tens and they are planning to defeat Barack Obama in next presidential elections? Repeal president’s affordable care act, which they hatefully call “Obama care”? Repeal Frank-Dodd, which is providing badly needed protections against Wall Street, banks, insurance companies, mortgage companies and other major big financial companies, making sure that something like 2007-2008 doesn’t happen again? Propaganda from Fox news and other right wing media is so severe that one of my coworkers was very emotionally and forcefully proposing that Frank-Dodd must be repealed immediately, it is very bad for America, very bad for business. I asked her, What is Frank-Dodd. Will you be surprised, if I tell you, she did not even know. what Frank-Dodd is? She was just hearing, repeatedly, that it was bad.
This is same media propaganda machinery which made millions of people believe that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction; which made people believe that president is Muslim; which made people believe that president has links with terrorists; which made people believe that president is not born U.S. citizen; which is making us believe that Iran has almost made nuclear weapons and is ready to attack Israel. What a gimmick? How long are we going to be the toys and puppets in their hands?
This obstructionism is funny and stupid, at the same time. I don’t know, if I am supposed to laugh or cry on it. Just see this. In one breath, Republican politicians will say that Obama has done nothing and is doing nothing to recover economy and create jobs and then in the same breath they will provide a whole list of, what Obama has done wrong, from Obama care to Frank-Dodd. Do these idiots not even understand that doing nothing and doing wrong are two opposing propositions. Do they don’t even understand that doing wrong or I do not agree, are different from doing nothing. It is impossible to have both these together. Even doing wrong or doing different from what you expect is not and cannot be doing nothing.
President have many constructive and problem solving ideas for economic and financial recovery and for job creation. You may, totally or partially, disagree, though. But your disagreement does not mean that his efforts are nothing.
GDP fell 6.7% during the first quarter 2009, when he took office. It fell 8.9% during the last quarter of 2008. Recovery act, was very controversial, and I personally don’t like bailouts. I think all they do is to reward the people, instead of punishing them, who are responsible for the mess at the first place. It, also, puts honest and fair playing smaller competitors at an unfair disadvantage, because, they now have to compete with bigger giants heavily funded by tax pair money. This is exactly what bailed out banks and other financial institutions did right after the bailouts. They started aggressively killing and buying the smaller and honest competitors. As a result, as being deemed as, too big to fall, in past, they are even bigger, now. In fact, this is just a perpetuation and strengthening of an existing serious problem. On the other hand, recovery act, as a matter of fact, did stop the downward spiral and strengthened markets and reverted the course to a growth in GDP, which is very small and slow, though, given the serious and deep problems resulting from great recession.

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