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Barack Obama For President 2012, Part 7




I cannot believe that I am wasting my time and your time on this totally useless and baseless topic. But, the attacks on citizenship status of president Barack Obama are so vicious and persistent that they are making so many like me and president Obama himself, to get involved and respond. U.S. born citizenship is challenged for various U.S. presidential candidates, including, Herbert Hoover. But the attacks have never been as vicious, as they are on Barack Obama. Most of these attacks are based on, having a black Kenyan father. His biggest “sin” appears to be the son of a black father, and to have black skin and appearance. Some vicious people do not seem to forget and forgive it.
In accordance with U.S. constitution, everyone and anyone, who is born on U.S. soil is a born U.S. citizen, regardless of anything and everything. So, they first said that Obama was not born in Hawaii. After trying for a while to not waste his time in this useless and baseless debate, president Obama finally held a media conference and showed his birth certificate to media, publicly. We are publishing a picture of his Hawaiian birth certificate in this article. You would think this must end the debate. Of course, not. Why? Because the objective of the people challenging his citizenship status is not to find the truth. As a matter of fact, the hidden but not so hidden, objective is the totally opposite of it. In simple words, it is to smear the truth and deceive American people. They soon came up with the another argument that Obama gave only a glimpse of his birth certificate and it is impossible to verify the originality of it. In other words, the certificate president showed to media pundits of multinational media representatives was fake. What a ridicule? Can you believe it. Fortunately, the very large number of pictures published in all kind of media, worldwide, soon effectively countered this argument, too. Anyone and everyone can log on to Internet, and see and verify himself or herself that the certificate is, in fact, very original and is based on a filing on Aug 8, 1961, four days after president’s birth.
Even after seriously losing in this, second argument, too, these shameless people still didn’t give up. They, now, started to attack the citizenship status of his mother. First of all his mother’s citizenship status does not matter at all, if he was born on U.S. soil. After the public display of his Hawaiian birth certificate, it really does not matter whether any of his parents were American citizens or not. But, even if we assume that it matters, arguments attacking the constitutional status of his mother’s citizenship are totally baseless, as well. They are apparently and obviously designed to deceive and confuse American people. Nothing else.
Although, it is not true, let us assume that president Obama was not born in Hawaii and he was born on a foreign land, not a U.S. state or territory. His dad was not an American citizen, at the time of his birth. So, in that case, his U.S. citizenship status solely depends on his mother’s citizenship status. Because, if you are not born on U.S. soil then you can have a born U.S. citizen status on only in one condition. That condition is at least one of your parent must be a U.S. citizen at the time of your birth. As we know, his mother was a U.S. citizen and in accordance with U.S. constitution, if at least one of your parents is U.S. citizen at the time of your birth then you are born U.S. citizen. You would think this must end the discussion and everyone should for the sake of fairness and honesty, should accept that president Obama is a born American citizen.
Unfortunately, the fairness and honesty is exactly what is missing in the people who are challenging the citizenship status of president Obama. It doesn’t matter, if it is Donald Trump or anyone else. Donald Trump challenged him, to gain some cheap popularity and media coverage before his bid for president of United States. This cheapest guy, who is now planning to build a separate cemetery for elite, a grave in which is going to cost millions of dollars. This idiot who knows nothing and no one, except money, is now going to make money by introducing the class system, even in dead people. I credit him for coming up with a brilliant idea, even Hitler and Machiavelli couldn’t come up with or dare to propose it. If you are rich and so called upper class like Donald Trump, you should be buried separate and away from dirty and lower class, poor people. You are no match for them. You should distinguish yourself from them even after your death. Above all, the proponent of this idea and the bag of trash was challenging president Obama’s citizenship status.
So, these brainless, hateful people did not stop there, either. Now, they started saying, well—– his mother was U.S. citizen but not U.S. citizen. What? How freaky is that argument? But when you have no shame and you full of hate, nothing matters to you. Now, constitutionally speaking, a parent is U.S. citizen, without any doubt and regardless of anything and everything, if he or she was born in United States, which president’s mother was. She was born in United states and both of her parents were U.S. citizens. Now, this must end the ridiculous discussion. Right? Hell, Nooooo! They found another highly deceptive argument.
Now, as per U.S. constitution, if you are born to a naturalized U.S. citizen, as opposed to a born U.S. citizen, then, your parent has to meet certain criteria, in order for you to qualify as a born U.S. citizen. The U.S. constitutional criteria to be a born U.S. citizen, if your parents / parent was naturalized U.S. citizen, is that your naturalized U.S. citizen parent must have lived in United States for at least ten years and five of these ten years must be after age sixteen. This means, if your naturalized parent has continuously lived in United States, prior to your birth, then the age of your naturalized U.S. citizen parent must be at least 21 years, at the time of your birth. Obama’s mother was 18 at the time of his birth. But, this argument does not apply on president and his mother, because, she was a born U.S. citizen, not a naturalized one.

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