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Barack Obama For President 2012, Part 3










With piling debt and deficits, foreign policy is becoming an increasingly important issue. Americans are getting louder on louder on, is it really worth to police the world, anymore? Can we still afford the war after war, in the wake of economic and financial challenges that we face, right now?
To discredit Roosevelt, conservatives invented the notion that war helps economy. It did not only discredited a great U.S. president, but, also satisfied their war mongering ambitions. In this way they were able to say that it was not the policies of Roosevelt, but, the world war two that rescued American economy, and were also able calm down the public opinion in America when they waged any wars in future, by saying that it would help economy. Guess what? Since then, every single war that we fought has proved this notion wrong. Whether, it was Korean war, Vietnam war, Iraq war or Afghanistan war, every single one of these wars did not only seriously damaged our international standing and reputation, they also badly hurt economy, to the level of bankruptcy, we are facing, now. I mean, if wars helped economy then Bush should have been twice as more successful then Roosevelt. Because, Roosevelt fought only one war, whereas, Bush fought two wars. Rather then that, he left White House with country in the biggest crisis since great depression. With unemployment rate ultimately hitting 10.9%, -5% GDP growth in 2008-2009 and Incredible 14 trillion dollars lost in devalued assets. Millions of Americans saw their hard earned retirement portfolios wiped out, overnight, and millions of others lost their homes.
Contrary to long standing conservative notion, wars seriously failed the most conservative government in U.S. history. Ironically, same conservative government did the largest bailout in American history. Majority of conservative and republican congressmen and women voted for this largest robbery of tax payer’s money, in our history. By the time bush left, he had more the doubled the debt and the deficit.
In the middle of these circumstances, Democrat, Barack Obama won with a wide margin over Republican John McCain, who was mostly offering more of the same, that caused all that mess, in the first place. Beside others, Obama promised end of wars, bringing troops back home, revive economy, bigger share of government in regulating and providing health care, better way to provide student loans, improving elementary, Kindergarten and preschool education, and child care, closing Guantanamo prison camps, restoring Habeas Corpus, etc. etc.
Due to the extreme circumstances, he took office in, the progress or I should say, stopping the downfall seemed to be very slow. At the top of it, in 2010 elections, due to frustration resulting from slow recovery, Democrats lost majority in house of representatives and filibuster proof majority of sixty senators in Senate. This just made Barack Obama’s job, even more difficult. In many ways, last one year has reminded the Bill Clinton’s period. Lots of precious time is being lost in political bickering and fights and practically almost nothing is getting done, in the middle of repeated threats of government shut downs. Constitutionally, house holds the wallet and this wallet is now in the hands of Republicans. In spite of all the promises made by Republicans in 2010 elections, I don’t find anything major accomplished by Republican house, with the exception of blocking Barack Obama and saying no to every thing.
Result? While Obama’s approval ratings has slid down to mid forties, congress’s approval rates are in single digits and Barack Obama is still beating all the major potential Republican contenders, in all national polls for president of United States elections in 2012.
Recently, contrary to Republican propaganda, Barack Obama was able to accomplish another milestone and made another achievement. The end of Iraqi war and bringing all troops home. This will not only end a purposeless and baseless war, it will relieve a big financial burden on our economy. It will end useless killing of our troops, injuries and wounds, and emotional and psychological trauma to them and their families.
Of course war doesn’t end at the end of fighting. It’s after effects keep hurting everyone, directly or indirectly, involved in it. The rehabilitation of returning troops, finding jobs for them, dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and wounded and disabled warriors. This is going to be a war even longer and more expensive then actual war.
After all, the conservative notion that wars help economies, was invented just to discredit Roosevelt. It has no economic, financial, historical, practical and scientific bases in it. The matter of the fact is that we can cannot thank God enough for giving us a leader like Roosevelt in the times of big crises like great depression and World War Two. With his incredible genius, policies, persistence, dedication and patriotism, Roosevelt was able to revive a seriously failing economy and successfully sail our ship through World War Two. He did not only accomplish all that but fool proof check balance he introduced in markets made us run our economy through the longest period of stability and growth in our history. For forty years, until Republicans started messing up with his fool proof check and balance, there were no market crashes, recessions and depressions. It was only after Reagan started repealing Roosevelt’s reforms that 1987 Wall Street Black Monday happened, the first major economic and financial crisis since great depression or since Roosevelt’s reforms were put in place.
Forget about the noise produced by corporate pimp politicians and roar created by corporate owned media. Read history. You don’t have to buy expensive books to do that, anymore. You don’t even have to spend lots of time in libraries. Search any major search engine and you will find plenty of evidence to decide between it was failure of Roosevelt’s check and balance or the unregulated markets of Reagan that made the crashes and recessions a routine, again.
I hear a lot of blah blah from conservatives and Republicans. But, no one, in clear cut terms, has been able to explain, if wars help economies then why Bush failed? If wars do not help economies then who will you credit except Roosevelt for bringing 25% unemployment to less then 5% and turning that failing economy into the world’s largest, strongest and richest economy.

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