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Barack Obama For President 2012, Part 2









While Republican propaganda machine, lead by Fox news, Rush Limbaugh and similar sources that are very well known in twisting the facts, keep trumpeting that Obama has been a complete failure, the facts and history tell us a totally different story.
There are some very basic and fundamental differences in mainstream Republican and democratic ideology. One of the biggest points of friction between two parties has always been and which was seriously intensified after 2008 recession, because, uncontrolled big banks, insurance companies, mortgage companies, financial institutions and lenders were broadly viewed as responsible for crisis, Democrats reiterated the fact that these big corporations need better regulations, to protect the interests of an average American, tax payer, voter, consumer and worker.
As usual and as expected, Republicans came back with the same ridicule. No regulations! Regulations will strangulate the business, kill the jobs, hurt the economy, increase prices and cost, complicate the processes and procedures, etc. etc.
I have some basic questions and concerns about this whining. I mean, first of all, which part of our everyday lives runs without regulations? Every aspect of our lives like personal lives, families, neighborhoods, jobs, cars and driving are subject to rules, regulations and laws. Then why in the world, businesses and big corporations are considered so holy that they do not need any regulations. This is despite the fact that these corporations have messed up the U.S. and whole world’s economy, time and time again.
The basic reason for this exploitation of poor, weak and unknown little people, by rich, powerful and famous, has always been unending and unlimited greed and sense of entitlement, while holding hate and discrimination for the ones who do not have abundance of wealth, power and fame. It still is and will always be. It has always the goal of all religious and non-religious reformers, revolutionaries, prophets, ideologists and activists, to, in some way, limit and control this greed, and exploitation budding out of it. This was the goal of all religions and ideologists, including Capitalism and Democracy.
Capitalism was originally designed to create a powerful middle class of professionals and in this way to pull out the maximum number of people, out of poverty, and what has always been labeled as, lower class.
The purpose of democracy was to snatch the power and control out of rich, powerful and famous and give distribute it among the individuals. To empower an individual so much that he takes the control of his own destiny, instead of the people in power, and the wealthy.
These ideologies served this purpose very effectively for a while. In America, in Europe, in some Asian countries and in Australia, Democracy and Capitalism were able to generate the largest and most well-off middle class, in the whole human history. The growth was phenomenal and seemed to unending and unlimited, forever.
Unfortunately, the rich, powerful and famous, never stopped playing their dirty game, either. Their strategy was simple and brilliant, as usual. Originally, the business were mostly small, individual, family and community owned and there were lots and lots of those, all over and every where. These small businesses included the news, information and entertainment businesses. There were small community newspapers, magazines, radio stations and TV stations, all over and very diversely owned. Rich, powerful and famous gradually started buying and killing these small enterprises, integrating them into larger and more powerful, more rich and more famous businesses. Small businesses were mostly replaced by multinational corporations, small media were integrated into global conglomerates, small political parties, activists groups and unions were replaced by monopolistic, national political parties and even the international coalitions.
In a typical Capitalist and Democratic societies, there were legal safeguards in place against monopolies, commonly known as anti-trust laws. The purpose of these laws was to make sure that businesses do not violate the common trust, in their daily operations. The key to the effectiveness of these laws was legally guaranteed open and fair competitions and open plain field for all citizens, regardless of money, power and influence.
Rich, powerful and famous had a solution for this problem, too. The people who were responsible to keep these safeguards, effective and enforced, were basically the elected representatives of people, acquiring public offices through democratic process of elections. The rich, powerful and famous hijacked this whole process. First the smaller political parties, political and activist groups and unions were killed with the help corporate controlled big media. You will be out of news and your name and character will be dubbed useless and assassinated effectively in media, if you do not belong to one of our bigger and corporate controlled, media approved parties. Still, we see that in every major political race, media picks the winners and losers even before the actual race starts and we the poor people, do not know any better then following their lines. Most of us do not read and hence do not have enough knowledge to scrutinize individual candidates and their plans and programs. We depend on big media to explain it to us. Whatever explanation they provide us, about anyone and anything is the final and only explanation we have. So, we like the herd of sheep, move into the direction, wherever these so called shepherds of ours take us to.
After this they made the nomination process, in limited number of political parties, left available to an average citizen, a money, power and influence game. It became impossible to get a nomination from any of remaining politically effective party, unless the person has money, power and influence or the people who have money, power and influence are supporting him.
It is under this kind of messed up system that we keep getting economic and financial crashes, and crises, over and over again. The literally multi trillion dollar question, now is, how to fix it. I am sure you are intelligent adult who, along with your family, neighbors, co-workers and friends have experienced these crises and crashes, repeatedly, depending upon your age. You should know it better then the simplistic solutions proposed by popular media and sold out politicians.

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