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Barack Obama For President 2012, Part 13




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Doesn’t matter, you want higher taxes or lower taxes, you would agree that tax code is a huge mess. As per our tax code, if you are making $500.00 a week your effective tax rate is 22%. But, the same tax code, taxes the millionaires, who make an average of 345 million a year, with an effective tax rate of 17%. This is when we have over 14 trillion dollars in national debt.
Congress has a national taxpayer advocate in IRS, with a staff of about 2000 people. Unfortunately, this army of 2000 people has mostly been proved ineffective. The reason is that this tax code runs up to a staggering 7,000 pages and even the so called experts do not have a full command of it, least the common people like you and me. This is even getting worse very day. Congress passed 579 changes in tax code just last year. If you look at the history, governments have used excuses like civil war and World War 2, as brilliant excuses to raise and broaden the tax base, drastically.
If you are still wondering why the multi billion dollar corporation have so many tax breaks, while struggling Americans have relatively fewer, then just be aware that only GE spent 39 million dollars in lobbying last year. This amounts to $73,000 per member of congress and Senate. Plus, they have all the money to hire armies of lawyers and tax advisers to make this most complicated tax code work in their favor. If you still have a doubt, just try to contact and talk to your representative or member of Senate. You will realize that it is next to impossible. At the most, you will have a lower staff member replying to your email or your call. Just for your information, these members of congress and senate are available to these corporation and millionaire individuals, all the time, just by a single phone call. Constitutionally, aren’t they supposed to be representing us, instead of rich people and corporations, only?
The biggest argument against taxing the richest is ‘trickle down economy’. It is assumed and said that the money, rich people save in taxes goes to investments and starting new businesses or expanding existing businesses, creating employment and raising general standards of living. Open your eyes and see it. Rich people are getting ever increasing tax cuts for decades, now, and, what we are getting in return, so far? Recession, high unemployment rates, trillions in debt, ever increasing gap between rich and poor and jobs being shipped overseas to the countries like China and India! Is this the improved economy we were supposed to get from tax cuts to the richest? We are losing a trillion dollars every year in insane tax breaks to the richest. This money can be used to hire teachers, fire fighters, cops, social workers and scientists, and can create millions of jobs that will benefit the society, nation and country, in the long run: Will arm us better to fight the challenges coming from up coming nations like China, India, Russia, Brazil and Australia.
The fact is that the trickle down doesn’t work and this is not happening for the first time in human history. This is what feudal lords and kings used to do. While the royal families and lords were insanely rich and powerful, and above and beyond every thing including law and taxes, poor people, workers and farmers used to be taxed very high. This is how the kings and lords accumulated and maintained huge amount of money, wealth and property.
Unfortunately, the most revolutionary nation in human history, Americans, got hijacked by similar people, philosophies and ideologies, government and management structures. Only difference is that, now, we have congress and corporations, instead of kings and lords. Kings had the philosophy that they were the representatives of God and people must follow and obey them. In most cases, this repressive philosophy was always supported by theocracy and they confirmed the holiness of kings. Now, congress and corporations are icons of the nation and economy, any thing against them is seriously unpatriotic and the people challenging them are considered as the ones who are shooting into their own legs. They are still being supported by conservative, religious ideologies.
May be I am stupid. But, what I do not understand at all is this. When a person making 26,000 dollars a year is being taxed with a rate of 22%, what could be so outrageously wrong in taxing the richest with a tax rate of 30%?
Having said that, I must mention that the picture is not so one sided. Over the time we and our government has extended her arms way to far. Ridiculous and baseless wars, policing the whole world, over extended government agencies and departments, red tapes, large and expensive bureaucracies, all need to be cut down. Our government is, now, far bigger, fatter and more expensive then any other government in the world. Even the most suppressive communist, socialist and fascist regimes have no comparison with us, as far as the size is concerned. Politics and ideologies aside, there is absolutely no way to balance our budget, unless we apply the same strategy that households and businesses apply every day to balance their budgets. That is increase the revenue and income, and cut the expenses.
As long as the current political and ideological bickering continues, I foresee no solution of this problem. Rather, with no effective solutions adopted and applied, due to the continuous warfare between ideological and political camps, this will only get worse. Question is, who is and will be the victim of this ridicule? Answer is, it will be our country, our nation, American individuals, families and businesses. Rich and powerful politicians, corporations, lobbies, media and lawyers will keep making insane amounts of money, while, the standard of living of an average American will keep dropping down, as it is, right now.
So, for the sake of our country, our nations, our families, our kids and our businesses, we will have put aside the cheap politics and radical ideologies, and come together to adopt and enforce the common sense policies that may benefit everyone in this country, and the country and nation as a whole.

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