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Barack Obama For President 2012, Part 12








I grew up, in a Muslim family, in Pakistan. Since alcohol is banned in Islam and illegal in Pakistan, as a child, we used to hear the most terrifying tales about the people who use alcohol. These people are bad, they have no character, they are criminals, they are violent and disrespectful and they all are in poor health. Pretty much similar to what we hear about drug users in contemporary U.S.A. Of course, most people in United States now know for sure that these tales about alcohol users are not true. As a matter of fact, most alcohol users in the countries where alcohol is legal, are probably far better in character, and ethical and moral values then the people in the countries where the alcohol is illegal. My friends, same is true for other drugs, as well. First of all, I don’t know why these substances are classified and labeled as drugs. Probably just to propagate hate about these substances. In real the sense, they are just foods like coffee and tea, and tobacco.
Same is the case with prostitution. There are similar types of horror stories attached to prostitutes and prostitution, in United States, while, in the countries where polygamy and / or prostitution are legal, people know it very well that these stories are totally baseless.
Also, in countries where sex outside the confinement of marriage is illegal, there are most horrifying stories attached to countries in which the sex outside the marriage is legal. In accordance with these stories, the people who practice sex outside the marriage are so bad, so immoral, so criminal, so untrustworthy, so infected and dying with killer diseases.
It the same way corporate owned big media and the politicians controlled by rich and powerful corporate lobbies, project our minorities. As per these stories, all the members of minority communities are so morally bankrupt, they are all violent, they are all criminals, you cannot trust any of them, at all and they have no values.
This very much in the same fashion, as the religious extremists project United States. There stories tell that Americans are so imperialistic, they control the whole world, they are responsible for every thing bad happening in their countries, Americans have no values, all Americans care about is their dominance and control.
In the same way our media and our politicians frame other countries in the world, in a certain way. These stories make us believe that every other country in the world is miserable, people have no rights, they are criminals, they have no values and you cannot trust any of them.
Actually, all these stories and tales are the just the tools and alternatives to the scientifically done studies and scientifically produced statistics. Since, these claims have no scientific rationale to produce in their favor they spread these horrifying stories, to twist the public opinion in their favor. This is the way, all religious books and leaders have always scared their followers, to their path and this is the way their followers are still doing it. These stories are built on two major pillars. One are the assumptions and fears of dire consequences, if you do not follow the “path of God” and other is to demonize who do not believe or follow. If you follow us, you are the God’s chosen people, you are the best, you will have the best rewards, here and after, you will be saved from bad consequences and God’s punishment, here and after, and, you are and will always be superior to all the others, who do not follow or believe. Interestingly, if you ask for any reason, rationale or proof, the answers are universally, same. You are immediately deemed as misguided or you have God’s curse, you need prayer or guidance, you are bad or mischievous or are asking for disaster. If you tell them, this is not I asked for? I asked for a proof or reason or rationale? At the best, you will be bombarded with these kind to baseless, horrifying stories or anecdotal evidence.
In fact, they have no scientific evidence, study or statistics, to back their claims. They never had and they never will have. They always had and they always will run their agenda based on fear and by blackmailing you on your emotions, your attachments, your faith, your believes and your religion.
Although, all the scientific studies and data point to a totally different, rather opposite direction, these people would not give up. For example, Saudi Arabia has legalized polygamy. Their murder rate is virtually 0 per thousand as opposed to our 0.05 per thousand. Rapes in Saudi Arabia are 0 per thousand while in our country they are 0.32 per thousand. Adults prosecuted per thousand in Mexico, where prostitution is legal, is 0.06 per thousand, while in our country they are 50.6 per thousand. In Denmark, where prostitution is legal, the prisoners per thousand of population are 0.06, while in our country are 6.4. Now, tell me how and where in the world polygamy or legalized prostitution increases crime or cost? Even if you go through all the statistics in the world, your honest answer will be, nowhere. Then, why the prohibitionist keep trumpeting that prostitution and polygamy causes a downfall in morality and increases crime? Answer is simple. Because they are not honest. Instead of believing in facts, they believe in a covert agenda. An agenda run and financed by rich and powerful people who hugely benefit from prohibition. just like the Chicago gangs, which heavily benefited from prohibition on alcohol.
Also see this. The prevalence of HIV / AIDA in Israel, where prostitution is legal, is 0.4 per thousand, while in our country it is 4.0 per thousand of population. HIV / AIDS related deaths, in countries like Denmark, Greece, Israel and Saudi Arabia, where either prostitution or polygamy is legal, are 0 per thousand while in United States they are 0.07 per thousand of population. Mean life expectancy in Singapore, where prostitution is legal, is 80.3, while in United States it is 77.4 years. Now tell me, how and where, the legalized and regulated prostitution increases health hazards?
Also, compare the social conditions in these countries, that have legalized prostitution, with United States. Denmark spends 7.7% of it’s GDP on education while United States spends 4.7% of GDP on education. Suicide rate in Singapore is 1.5 per thousand and in United States, it is 4.5 per thousand. Divorce rate in Mexico is 0.6 per thousand while in United States it is 5.0 per thousand of population. Got a picture, yet?

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