Creation of Universe: Black Holes

This article analyzes the ideologies, religions and current affairs, on the basis of recent findings and discoveries, regarding the Black Holes. Compares the scientific findings and facts with religious assumptions and theories. Emphasizes on the relativity and motion of all existence, Universe and everything in it.

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Ethics: Public and Private Life

This article covers the heated discussion and topic of separation of public and private lives, in the light of Anthony Weiner case. Discusses the historical, ideological, ethical, political and religious background of this dispute. Evaluates the role of media in it. Analyzes and compares different points of view. Brings into focus the human nature and science.

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Republican Candidates: 2012 Presidential Race

This article performs a critical analysis of Republican Party potentials for 2012 presidential elections. Analyzes the records, profiles, personalities, styles and eligibility of Republican hopefuls. Provides a definitive perspective to this race under current economic, financial, political, national and international landscape.

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Pakistan’s Nuclear Assets And Us, Part 4

This is the fourth and final in this series of articles and concludes discussion regarding concerns in western world, about safety and security of Pakistan's nuclear technology, assets, weapons and facilities and foreign policy elements on this issue. Emphasizes the value of mutual trust in relationships. Brings into focus the other side of picture, as well, mostly hidden from Western, specially American, audience.

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Pakistan’s Nuclear Assets And Us, Part 3

This article is the third in a series of articles on international concerns regarding Pakistan's nuclear assets, weapons and facilities. It provides a vast historical, cultural, economic, strategic and current background to this intense and heated discussion. Tries to paint a comprehensive and complete picture of the issues.

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Pakistan’s Nuclear Assets And Us, Part 2

This article is second in a series on Pakistan's nuclear assets, technology, weapons, capabilities, their security, and international and U.S. concern about it. It provides a historical, cultural, humanitarian, geographical and tactical perspective to the issue. Shows important details about Pakistan and reveals the aspects unknown to most readers.

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Pakistan’s Nuclear Assets And Us, Part 1

This article emphasizes on the basic knowledge about Pakistan, it's strategic value, culture, strengths and weaknesses. Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world with seventh largest military force. Pakistan covers an area that is roughly equal to the area covered by United Kingdom and France, combined.

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Over 6000 Coalition Deaths, What? Part 2

This article is the second and last on this series on loss of life, money and property in U.S. wars. Discusses in datail the pros and cons of these adventures. Highlights the the fact that we, in fact, continue to lose, as opposed to getting anything out of these. Brings into focus the the arguments provided in the favor of these costly missions, by United States government and other involved parties.

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Over 6000 Coalition Deaths, What? Part 1

This article analyzes the casualties and death toll in post 9/11 war on terror in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Pakistan. Finds out, if it is worth the cost, including the serious human cost. Highlights the facts, how false propaganda and dirty politics from our political and media leaders, has lead us to useless and endless, costly wars with mostly no results so far.

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Memorial Day, Remembering The Fallen, Part 2

This article is second and last of the series of articles on the occasion of Memorial Day, 2011. It provides a very detailed account of the misery, destruction, killings, deaths and massacres caused by World War Two. Performs a very good criticism of war. Analyzes the real loss of life and property behind the numbers.

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Memorial Day, Remembering The Fallen – Part 1

This article analyzes the theories of hate, war, war crimes, killings and holocaust, at the occasion of Memorial Day, in the light of world war two and the death and other toll caused by it. Concludes with the help of overwhelming historical evidence that war is "the dirtiest" possible game. Tells of story of immense human sacrifice.

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Survival, Strength, Resilience, Empathy, Love

This article overviews the the stories of survival, strength, resilience, empathy and love, published in different media, on different occasions, with special emphasis on stories from Joplin, Missouri, after the destruction caused by deadliest tornado in U.S. history. Finds out, how important it is for us to possess the sense of belonging and community in our daily lives and during the disasters, like this one.

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U.S., U.K., Wars, Mutual Interests

This article analyzes the international debt and U.S. financial crisis, their relationship Afghanistan, Iraq and Libyan war and attacks on Pakistan, in the light of U.S. and U.K. relationships and president Obama's recent visit to Europe, specially U.K. Highlights the recklessness of U.S. and U.K. leaders in handling the financial and debt crises.

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Weather Related Disasters, Climate Change

This article analyzes the enormous body of evidence, data, reports, research material and articles, in the favor of vastly accelerated climate change induced by human activity, in the light of recent ecological disasters. Provides a basis to think over and reach an informed conclusion, as opposed to the conclusions just based on, "what I heard."

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Tornadoes, Disasters and Climate Change

This article provides an overview of the devastation caused by tornadoes and severe weather related incidences, in Mid-west and Southeast of United States, and the other parts of the world. Tries to separate propaganda from scientific evidence, proofs, studies, reports and surveys. Filled with authentic research and references.

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Cheating, Sex, Marriage and Monogamy

This article analyzes the key concepts of cheating, sex, marriage and monogamy, in the light of current events and news. Discusses the eternal conflict between nature, intelligence, ethics, religion and traditions. Brings into focus the historical evolution of various values persisting in different societies and cultures.

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Flooding, Climate Change, Natural Disasters

This article provides a review of scientific data published by various organizations and authors, around the World and in United States, in the light of current flooding in many U.S. states. Calls to give up inaction and take immediate and solid steps towards the solutions of the root cause of these natural disasters and climate change, at every level.

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IMF, It’s Chief, Big Banks

This article analyzes the global economic and financial impacts of IMF policies. Addresses the issues like strict monetarism of IMF, causing food, health and environmental disasters in poor countries. Highlights the fact, how IMF supports big corporations by forcing these countries to reduce taxes on big businesses, while, increasing taxes on individuals.

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Bin Laden’s Revenge and Pakistan

This article analyzes the global terrorist activities and terrorist activities in Pakistan, in particular. Also, discusses the current enhanced wave of terrorist activities in Pakistan, in the light of Bin Laden's death. Shades a spotlight on the role of media and politicians in it. Provides a definitive perspective to terrorist activities in Pakistan.

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Crimes, Hate, Racism and Terrorism

This article provides a very broad based perspective on hate crimes, around the world. Analyzes and compares the different forms and types of hate crimes that exist in our lives. Points out to our attitude towards these crimes and the inherent bias in it. It is packed with authentic data and references. Uncovers a unique angle to think and look at this issue.

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