Weather Related Disasters, Climate Change

This article analyzes the enormous body of evidence, data, reports, research material and articles, in the favor of vastly accelerated climate change induced by human activity, in the light of recent ecological disasters. Provides a basis to think over and reach an informed conclusion, as opposed to the conclusions just based on, “what I heard.”

Tornadoes, Disasters and Climate Change

This article provides an overview of the devastation caused by tornadoes and severe weather related incidences, in Mid-west and Southeast of United States, and the other parts of the world. Tries to separate propaganda from scientific evidence, proofs, studies, reports and surveys. Filled with authentic research and references.

Cheating, Sex, Marriage and Monogamy

This article analyzes the key concepts of cheating, sex, marriage and monogamy, in the light of current events and news. Discusses the eternal conflict between nature, intelligence, ethics, religion and traditions. Brings into focus the historical evolution of various values persisting in different societies and cultures.

Flooding, Climate Change, Natural Disasters

This article provides a review of scientific data published by various organizations and authors, around the World and in United States, in the light of current flooding in many U.S. states. Calls to give up inaction and take immediate and solid steps towards the solutions of the root cause of these natural disasters and climate change, at every level.

IMF, It’s Chief, Big Banks

This article analyzes the global economic and financial impacts of IMF policies. Addresses the issues like strict monetarism of IMF, causing food, health and environmental disasters in poor countries. Highlights the fact, how IMF supports big corporations by forcing these countries to reduce taxes on big businesses, while, increasing taxes on individuals.

Bin Laden’s Revenge and Pakistan

This article analyzes the global terrorist activities and terrorist activities in Pakistan, in particular. Also, discusses the current enhanced wave of terrorist activities in Pakistan, in the light of Bin Laden’s death. Shades a spotlight on the role of media and politicians in it. Provides a definitive perspective to terrorist activities in Pakistan.

Crimes, Hate, Racism and Terrorism

This article provides a very broad based perspective on hate crimes, around the world. Analyzes and compares the different forms and types of hate crimes that exist in our lives. Points out to our attitude towards these crimes and the inherent bias in it. It is packed with authentic data and references. Uncovers a unique angle to think and look at this issue.

Osama Bin Laden and Pakistan, Part 3

This is the third and last article in a series of articles, regarding Osama Bin Laden’s death, Pakistan and it’s role in war on terror and Bin Laden’s death. It provides a very broad historical and evidential perspective, and appeals to logic and reason. It avoids and challenges the most speculations and assumptions, prevailing in media nd politics, right now.

Osama Bin Laden and Pakistan, Part 2

This is second part of the series of articles on Osama Bin Laden’ death, Pakistan and it’s role role in war against terror and Osama Bin laden’ death. The article provides a in depth analysis of the situation, with a very broad historical perspective and evidence. Article is filled with statistcs and facts, compared to the pure opinions, being widely published in media, right now.

Osama Bin Laden And Pakistan, Part 1

This article provides a in depth and historical analysis of U.S. – Pakistan relations and Pakistan’s role in global war on terror. Article analyzes the global political, economic and financial issues related to this topic. It draws the bigger and whole picture of the issue, as opposed to the tunneled and narrow view presented by most media and politicians.

News Search

This article reviews, compares and explains news search websites. Provides suggestions on how to search news on Internet, as per your own taste, preferences and personality. Makes news search easy and helps in finding the right news format from right source.

Classified Ads

This article provides an in depth analysis of classified advertising. Covers all, business, consumer, activism and general perspectives. Includes, online and off-line classified ads, as well as modern and improved online forms of classified advertising.

Human Sexuality

Discusses in detail human sexuality and religious, social, ethical, moral and personal issues related to it. Digs out the evolution of human sexuality, in the light of history. Tries to find the psychological, behavioral and medical roots.

Weight Loss

Discusses the global and U.S. obesity problem and issues related to it. Analyses human psychology, attitudes and behaviours, regarding food, nutrition, activity and exercise. Digs out the factors behind current explosion of obesity problem.