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Regardless of all the crepe that you hear against individual freedom and liberty, the most basic questions that must be asked to all the proponents of statism, socialism and communism, are, what is government? Where is it coming from? What is its legality? Is it a natural existence like individuals? Or, it is created to tackle some issues and serve individuals? Where the government powers are derived from and what is their purpose? All the people who propose that government should be doing this and that, must have this power and that authority, and suggest that government is the originator of good and prevention of bad, tend to dodge these basic questions.

Current dominant notion is so skilfully bent toward the old and primitive thought that government is everything and we all must serve the government. It has the right to interfere in any part of our lives, supposedly, for our own good. Disobeying government is pretty much like disobeying God, or betraying your own country. Most people believe that all laws legislated by government are for our own wellbeing and deserve a respect like Holy Scripture. There are so many whom you always find on the governments’ side, and for them, it can never go wrong. In any conflict between liberty and government, liberty is always at fault.

My dear friends, for all these people, I have a news. Governments is not a natural existence, individuals are. They existed long before governments came into existence. It is the individuals who gave rise to governments, not the governments that gave birth to individuals. Just like any other invention of human beings, robots, for example, government is only good until it serves its masters that is individuals, very well and as intended. As soon as it starts to fail to achieve that goal of serving individuals, as intended, its existence is null and void.

Basically, because, we the individuals and the masters of government, have allowed governments to acquire and abuse extensive powers with coercion and exploitation, most governments, most of the time, in most places, commit serious assaults on the life, liberty and property of their masters. An institution which was created and is maintained with our tax payers’ money. An institution that was created by us, to protect, secure and safeguard our life, liberty and property, has become the biggest enemy of our inalienable rights. Rights that we owe to them, as the natural existence. Governments have become murderers by waging wars, masters by denying liberty and thieves by robbing our property through taxation.

I mean, how does the basic notion gets so upside down and so many people embrace this upside down version? Government was created to serve us, not that we were created to serve the government. Unfortunately governments have become so big and so powerful, and so militarized, they can virtually do anything, in the name of safety, security and patriotism, with almost no consequences. It is becoming, virtually impossible to challenge anything government, effectively, regardless of its illegality and unconstitutionality. They can declare anyone spy or enemy, for anything that may not please them.

On the other hand, big media, which was originally intended to keep us informed, is doing a great job in disinformation. It has officially become a government and corporate trumpet. Watch, listen to or read big media reports for any given period of time, from any source or sources, and you will find out that government is always right, it can never do anything wrong. In accordance with big media reports, it is the individuals, who are stupid, who are always messing up, and need to restricted and restrained by government. This is crazy. It is another proof that their boss is government, not us.

What should we do now? Is there a way to fix this mess? Or the individual rights and freedom are a thing of past, now? My answer is, of course, there is a way to restore our liberty, freedom and rights. For sure, it is possible. Doesn’t matter, how discouraging big media reports may be, individual has always been and will always be ultimate source of power. To ascertain this power and authority, we are required to demonstrate courage and wisdom, at the fullest potential.
The bases of all this dictatorship lies in intensive and continuous disinformation campaign being run by media, which is owned by same corporations that own the two so called major political parties. First of all we must get ourselves out of the myths created and spread by big media. For this reason, we must well inform ourselves. We live in Internet age. One reason the traditional sources of information hate Internet, is because it is the ultimate challenge to their dominance. Contrary to media propaganda, Internet has literally brought the most valuable information to your fingertips.
Other thing which is mission critical, in this sense, is to think, talk and behave like an intelligent, free adult. We do not have to trumpet useless and meaningless big media stories to fit into the social norms, to prove ourselves more knowledgeable. Fortunately, expression of in depth and wider knowledge is still considered more impressive. Research the fact, find out the truth. It is not hard, nowadays. You just need to punch a few keys, or click a couple of times. Remember, facts are not invalid, just because they do not confirm with conventional wisdom or popular views.
Start identifying yourself, as an individual owned by yourself, not media or a political party or ideology, or a certain celebrity or so called political leader or government. You are a fully self-reliant individual, empowered by your own ambition for pursuit of happiness. You can think, talk and act totally independent of anything or anyone. Exercise your freedom and individuality. Always go with facts, your gut feeling and conscience. Do not try to justify or rationalize anything, just because it is on media or being trumpeted by your favorite celebrity, politician, journalist, talk show host, columnist or media source. Start enjoying the fruits of your independent thinking, talking and action. My friend, you are born free, and your happiness lies in freedom.

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