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A guy came to install an air condition unit today. This completely changed how I look at my life. (pics included) : self

Before I begin, just wanna share a little about myself. I moved to Hong Kong about 4 years ago because of a great career opportunity. It was extremely exciting and fulfilling for the first couple of years but soon I realized I got stuck in a boring desk job. Money is good but life was kind of miserable.

I ordered a Panasonic external AC unit with air purifying function (because the pollution in Hong Kong is really that bad). The unit was delivered today and installation is free. I was surprised because only one guy showed up. Not only he is the delivery guy, he is also the installation technician. He’s English is also very good, good enough that we had a non-stop conversation during the installation.

The AC unit came with 2 huge boxes with a combined weight of 200 lbs. He spent 15 minutes welding the pipes, rewiring the electricity circuit, etc…

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He then proceed to install the AC bracket which is used to hold the external unit outside of the building. Without any hesitation he put on his safety harness and just CLIMBED THE FUCK OUT. (Please keep in mind we are on the 30th floor). The only thing that’s keeping him from falling to his death is a tiny rope that’s attached to a door handle. (I am not even fucking kidding) This dude just went Spider man on me.

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Once the installation is done, he taught me how to properly use and maintain this machine and gave me a thorough demonstration of it’s functions. I was extremely satisfied. I gave him a $500 HKD bill which is about $60 in USD as tips. He refused to take the money. This guy basically just risked his life to install an AC unit that cost about the same as an iPad and he refused to take any tips. He said he is just doing his job and I should donate it to charity instead. This hit me hard, really hard I teared up a little.

This man risk his life on a daily basis to earn a minimum wage and not only is he passionate about his work he is extremely content. He is happy simply because he can travel and meet new people daily.

I will never complain about my job again no matter how shitty or boring it is. I need to wake the fuck up and realize how fucking lucky I really am. Fuck, I won’t complain about anything. Really all we have is first world problems.

via A guy came to install an air condition unit today. This completely changed how I look at my life. (pics included) : self.


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