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4 Ways to Teach Kids About the March on Washington | LinkedIn

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August 28, 2013

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On the 50 year anniversary today of the historic March on Washington, I wanted to share four ways you can help kids understand the significance of August 28, 1963.

NPR: At 1963 March, A Face In The Crowd Became A Poster Child does what NPR does best: showcases the voice and personal thoughts of a primary source. A photo of Edith Lee-Payne became an iconic image associated with the march. Here, she reflects on that day and how her life has played out since. Children can listen and respond to the short broadcast.

The Zinn Education Project: Claiming and Teaching the 1963 March on Washington is a myth-busting perspective on the march that challenges many of the accounts perpetuated by textbooks and other published materials. Author and labor and racial justice activist Bill Fletcher Jr. provides an informed, โ€œbehind the scenesโ€ view.

National Archives: The March on Washington (1963) is a 20-minute, black and white archival (non-narrated) video unique in its depiction of the diversity and calm, low-key tone of the day. In an almost home movie-like view of the event, we see people arriving and mingling, and short takes of podium presenters and singers. Children will come away with a sense of the truly cooperative and non-violent nature of the gathering.

For Teachers: Cobblestone magazine (disclosure: my company owns this publication) has a dedicated March on Washington edition makes the march, its issues, politics and major players, accessible to students in the age 9-14 range. Single articles or full issues are available, and can be used in conjunction with The March on Washington: 50 Years Later, K-12 lesson plans with many layers of videos, photographs, articles and more from the Smithsonian, National Geographic and the ePals Global Community.

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