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3Bs = My New Post-Workday Transition Routine | LinkedIn

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September 02, 2013

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After a long day at work, it can be easy (I’m talking, VERY easy), to bring the day home with you. I love what I do, so I find myself wanting to think about it all the time. It’s hard for me to simply "turn off" my entrepreneurial brain and it’s passion for work at 5pm. Yet, I have a husband, two kids, extended family, friends and plenty of other aspects of my life that deserve my attention after work, so I have to proactively train myself to shift gears.

Then, There’s Folks That Don’t Like Work…

While I like my job, I know that 70%+ of Americans are dissatisfied with theirs. Given how much emphasis we place on our professional identity as a way to make us happy, it’s no surprise a bad day at the office can spill into a person’s after-work activities. The problem is, that’s not fair to ourselves or the folks in our life who have to put up with us.

I Caught Myself "Checked-Out"

Recently, I came home from a particularly crazy day at work and caught myself going through the motions. I was making dinner, listening to my kids tell me about their day, and realized I was really still thinking about work. I was "checked-out" – and that bothered me. I needed to create a better way to remind myself to be more present in my post-workday activities. That night, I sat down and created a simple three-sentence statement I wanted to condition myself to review and internalize each night before I got home. The result was the picture you see above. I wrote it on an envelope and clipped it to my car visor with my garage door opener. That way, I’m guaranteed to review it as I pull in the driveway so I can shift my mindset before I step through the door. Here they are, my 3Bs:

Business is over.

Be with your family.

Because you can!

It has definitely helped me transition better post-workday.

Yes, there will still be days when I can’t let it go and will need to carry it over into my evening. But so far, I’m happy with the results.

So, what’s your post-workday transition tip?

I’d love to hear what routine works for you below.

P.S. – Have we met yet? If this is your first time reading my

posts, thanks for taking the time to stop by! Not only do I write for Linkedin, but I’m also founder of a pretty good sized career advice site with 1M+ pageviews per month, CAREEREALISM, and I currently run the career coaching program, CareerHMO that has over 2,000 active members. I hope you’ll check them both out!

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