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[2013 Year End Lists] Song of the Year : LetsTalkMusic

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So, this is a place to talk about your favorite songs/tracks of 2013. Which have stayed with you the most? Which can you see yourself still listening to in a few years time? Which ones would you really love to see getting more attention? And what makes them special, what draws you to them? etc.

Not limited to single releases or songs with vocals or anything, every sort of track or piece goes. ("Track of the Year" just felt weird to write out so I went with "song".)

The album thread[1] might not have turned out quite as comprehensive as I maybe dreamed but the responses we got were really fucking excellent (and it’s still open to comment/vote on of course). So I’m excited to see what we can come up with here. Rules stay the same, although I’ve gotten some doubts about using these threads as a sort of ranked best-of list at the end now, the slow but steady pace with which the album thread filled might not make for the best indicator of popularity – later submissions naturally get much fewer votes than earlier ones. I still plan to eventually turn it in a well-formatted post with links and everything though so your efforts will hopefully all be seen, I’m not yet sure how exactly it’ll look though.


you can chose as many songs as you want, but each song gets its own comment, and if you wanna say something about one that’s already been done do so as a reply

provide a link to the song in question

you need to write something about it. It needs to be something more intricate than just saying you liked it, but it doesn’t need to be a detailed analysis either. If it is: awesome!, but if you think you can sum it up in a few lines then go for it too.

edit: shit, I’ve just seen I had this scheduled on Sunday instead of Monday for some reason, sorry if I got anyone confused.

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