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101 Signals: Want to Know Business? These Are the Only People You Need to Follow | Wired Business |

These are our favorite sources of news covering the world of business and finance. From macroeconomics to microlending, these folks are all money when it comes to delivering high-value information. If you’re drowning in noise, let WIRED’s 101 Signals be your lifeline. These are the core nutrients of a good data diet.Download the OPML file to import our signals into your preferred news reader, or automatically add them to Digg Reader.



If you want to see where technology is headed tomorrow, follow the collective pool of money that powers it today. AngelList offers a daily glimpse of the ideas and people attracting attention and cash. Founder Naval Ravikant has been helping startups find alternative routes through the venture capital industry since he first began publishing what he refers to as venture hacks—the tricks and traps he discovered over years spent as a repeat Silicon Valley entrepreneur. At AngelList he’s assembled a community of like-minded dreamers looking to match their ideas with interested investors. The result is a feed of promising startup companies that is read by every angel in the Valley.


Dave Birch is one of the few people tracking the global economy’s shift to digital payments in a way that’s neither DMV-dull nor Bitcoin-bananas.

Calculated RiskBLOG

When Bernanke talks, the smart money listens to Bill McBride. He called the housing ­ bubble while the rest of us were bragging about our Sun Belt bonus rooms. Want to know when the Fed will start tapering off its economic stimulus policy? McBride’s your man.

Andrew Chen EMAIL

Yeah, email is a nasty old fire hose of forwards, fallacies, and who the f@#! cares, but here’s one message you want. Chen’s weekly newsletter offers thoughtful essays on startups and marketing from a true Silicon Valley insider.

Ben HorowitzBLOG

Along with his business partner Marc Andreessen, Ben Horowitz has been building megabucks companies since the ’90s. His musings on starting and running a business are smart, funny, and swag with hip hop epigraphs.

Peter KafkaTWITTER

Media reporter Kafka often knows what’s happening inside the halls of Time Inc., Condé Nast (owner of WIRED), and the digital upstarts before staffers do. And while companies like Apple blow smoke his way all day, Kafka never inhales.

Marginal RevolutionBLOG

Those who call economics “the dismal science” have never heard it offered up by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok. Together the two George Mason University professors take a daily stab at unraveling everything from why dying firms don’t raise prices to the sociopolitical underpinnings of World War Z. It’s fun reading and, even better, makes you smarter.


Cranky, contrarian, and usually right when it comes to where the business of technology is headed. He’s also been known as a hell of a DJ.

Monetary RealismBLOG

Home of the blog­ger who popularized the idea of minting a trillion-­dollar coin (brilliant). It’s where monetary policy wonks go to geek out.


With his liberal, free-market philosophy, Slate’s Matthew Yglesias is unfailingly sharp in his economic analysis. (Even if he’s wrong about ­Chipotle burritos. They’re nothing like an iPhone, Matt.)

Naked CapitalismBLOG

As the name suggests, this blog penned by Yves Smith (aka Susan Webber) offers a piercing look at the ethical and legal missteps of the global financial industry. And there are a lot of them.

Planet MoneyPODCAST

NPR’s Planet Money team breaks down even the most hairball financial issues in a simple, approachable way. Birthed by the housing crisis, it’s the best source for understanding everything from bank bailouts to Kid Rock’s war on scalpers.

Felix SalmonTWITTER

This Reuters blogger (and WIRED contributor) is highly followed for his coolheaded economic analysis and financial commentary. Salmon made sense of the troubled mortgage market when many people didn’t know a CDO from a CD-R. He also gives good retweet.

Seeking AlphaBLOG

These stock market bloggers all have investments on the line—which makes them biased, to be sure, but also voraciously motivated consumers as well as avid sharers of breaking business news.

Term SheetBLOG

Every morning, Dan Primack’s Fortune news­letter dissects the essential hedge fund, private equity, and venture capital news with the incisiveness and precision of a sushi chef.

Illustration: Nishant Choksi

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