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Introducing the re-designed, re-engineered, re-invented BlackBerry.

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The new BlackBerry® Z10 and  BlackBerry® Q10 smartphones are powered by BlackBerry® 10 with features and apps that work together seamlessly to deliver the ultimate end user experience. When every feature, every gesture, and every single detail is designed with a busy work force in mind, your agency’s employees can stay more productive than ever. 

BlackBerry® Hub gathers all messages, notifications, feeds and calendar events into one place. BlackBerry Hub and new gesture-based controls allow seamless navigation across open applications so that with a simple gesture, your employees can view BlackBerry Hub anytime from almost anywhere on the device.

BlackBerry® Keyboard on the BlackBerry Z10 learns how your employees write and adapts to how they type so they can write faster and more accurately, completing their work in the field more efficiently. The BlackBerry Q10 has made the classic physical keyboard even better with larger sculpted keys and thicker frets between the rows for faster and more accurate typing.

BBM™ Video with Screen Share* allows quick, real-time communication between your employees. They can video chat, while showing each other their work through screen share. BBM Video with Screen Share also allows employees to share documents during a video chat, unleashing more productivity from your work force while they’re in the field.

* Compatible BlackBerry 10 devices, Wi-Fi, 4G or HSPA+ connection required. Additional restrictions apply, visit for details.

BlackBerry® Remember helps to boost productivity by capturing content and ideas in one place, and prioritizing them for action. Your employees can collect messages, emails, web content, photos, lists, and even voice notes and group them into BlackBerry Remember projects in one easy-to-manage application.

The super-fast browsing on BlackBerry 10 will help make it easy to share discovered content quickly, using email, BBM or social apps.

Use BlackBerry® Maps for its GPS capabilities, such as route planning, turn-by-turn directions and location updates.

These are just some of the features available to your agency’s employees on the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones—the BlackBerry® World™ storefront is full of other applications to help them get the job done as well.

To learn how the BlackBerry 10 generation of devices can help your agency, contact a BlackBerry government account manager.

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